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Is it too late for a flu shot 2019

Is It Too Late For A Flu Shot? February and March 2019 Influenza Update

According to the CDC, it is not too late for a flu shot, even if you have already had the flu earlier in the season.

As flu season starts peaking in 2019, is it really too late for a flu shot? It is not too late to get your flu shot according to the Center For Disease Control. The CDC encourages people to still get a flu shot, even if you have already had the flu earlier this season. This year’s flu vaccination has been particularly effective against the most popular flu strains. According to, “for children up to 17 years, the vaccine is estimated to be 61 percent effective. Approximately 24 percent of adults ages 50 and older have been protected by the shot. To compare, the vaccine was reported to be 36 percent effective at this time last year.”

Need to get a flu shot? Metro Urgent Care offers cheap flu shots for $25 (flat rate fee) at most of our Denver urgent care locations.

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Flu season can last until about May 2019, so it is still necessary to take precautions in order to avoid contracting influenza. Another reason to get a flu vaccination even if you have already had the flu? You could have contracted one strain of the flu and not the other. For example, during the 2018-2019 influenza season, the H1N1 flu strain is less severe than the H3N2 strain. If you already had the H1N1 strain of the flu, you still want to protect yourself from the H3N2 strain.

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Is There A Denver Urgent Care Nearby That Accepts Medicare and Medicaid?

Metro Urgent Care Accepts Medicare and Medicaid at Most of It’s Medical Clinic Locations

If you are near a Metro Urgent Care, we accept most insurance, including both Medicare and Medicaid. We have more than a dozen urgent care clinics in the Greater Denver area, spanning downtown Denver, Aurora, Englewood, Lakewood, Broomfield and beyond. Most of our clinics are open daily from 8am – 8pm and offer walk-in appointments, phone appointments, and online-check in.

Whether you or a loved one needs urgent medical services due to an illness like the flu, or as a result of an injury like a broken bone, Metro Urgent Care can help. Not all urgent cares in Denver accept Medicare or Medicaid, which can be frustrating if you are in need of immediate medical help.

Here is a list of MUC clinic locations that accept Medicare and Medicaid, in addition to most health insurance:

  • Aurora, CO (Gartrell)
  • Aurora, CO (Parker)
  • Denver, CO (Monaco)
  • Denver, CO (Quebec)
  • Englewood, CO (Hampden)
  • Westminster, CO (Federal)
  • Westminster, CO (Wadsworth)
  • Lakewood, CO (Colfax)
  • Centennial, CO (Arapahoe)
  • Lafayette, CO (US-287)
  • Broomfield, CO (W 120th Ave )
  • Broomfield, CO (W 144th Ave )

What Other Health Insurance Do We Accept?

  • United Healthcare
  • Aetna
  • Humana
  • Cigna
  • Anthem
  • Tricare
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Colorado Currently Has “Moderate” Flu Related Activity, According to CDC

A recent report for ILI (influenza like illness) from the CDC notes that Colorado is one of two states with moderate activity for the 2018-2019 flu season. Georgia and Louisiana were the only two states experiencing high ILI activity. Colorado and South Carolina were the two states experiencing moderate ILI activity. All other states reported low and minimal ILI activity. The report covers flu activity for the week of December 8, 2018. See the image below for reference.

A Look At National Flu-Related Activity Through December 1, 2018


Colorado Flu Activity 2018 2019 Season

What Does That Mean For Current Flu Activity In Colorado?

According to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, the geographic spread of influenza activity in the state of Colorado is at the local level. As of the time of the most recent report, approximately 121 people have been hospitalized in Colorado during the 2018-2019 flu season. To date, the following activity and statistics have been reported (this information is from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment website).


Additional Information About Colorado Influenza Activity To Date:


  • 49 additional influenza-associated hospitalizations were reported during the week ending December 8, 2018, bringing the total number of hospitalizations since the beginning of the 2018-19 season to 121.


  • ILI (Influenza-like illness) patient visits reported by outpatient clinics has increased from 4.5% to 4.9%. This includes data from Kaiser Permanente and Primary Care Partners clinics located in the North Central, Northeast, Northwest, South and South Central regions of Colorado.


  • Syndromic surveillance of influenza-like illness patient visits in emergency departments in the Denver-metro area increased from 2.06% to 2.37%. This is above the seasonal baseline level of 2.37%.


  • Sentinel hospital labs (21 of 23 reporting) tested 1,091 specimens and 58 (5.3%) were positive for influenza.


  • There has been 1 outbreak associated with influenza reported for the 2018-19 influenza season.


  • Mortality due to pneumonia and influenza in Colorado is below the U.S epidemic threshold and decreased from 4.7% to 4.4%. This is below the national level of 5.7%.


  • No influenza-associated pediatric deaths have been reported thus far.


Still Need To Get A Flu Shot?

Metro Urgent Care offers $45 flat rate flu shots at most clinics. Find an MUC location near you and call to confirm it is a location providing $25 flat rate flu shots. Learn more about avoiding the flu this year HERE.

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How much does an urgent care visit cost without insurance?

Urgent care clinics often use flat rate pricing for common illnesses, diagnostics, services and treatments for those without insurance. Metro Urgent Care offers affordable flat rate pricing for office visits, follow up visits, physicals and other services. Sometimes it is cheaper to pay a flat rate even if a patient is insured (it depends on each individual insurance plan). 

Below are common services MUC provides at our Denver urgent care clinics, with their flat rate pricing:

  • Office Visit – $160
  • Follow Up Visit – $80
  • TB Test – $45
  • Physical/ Pre-Employment/ Pre-Op exam/ College Sports Physical – $99
  • Sports Physicals – $25
  • Flu Vaccine – $25
  • Stitch or Suture Removal – $50
  • Tetanus Shot – $45

When unplanned illness or medical testing and treatment is necessary, MUC offers quick, affordable and friendly medical care services. We are proud to offer flat rate pricing for those without health insurance, and for those who simply wish to pay out of pocket. Urgent care can be a cheaper and faster alternative to the emergency room, depending on the patient’s medical needs. Patients can check-in online, make a phone appointment or walk-in anytime from 8am – 8pm daily.

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Denver urgent care costs

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Why MUC Offers An Unparalleled Urgent Care Experience For Denver Patients

Metro Urgent Care Offers A New Immediate Medical Care Experience

MUC is proud to offer friendly, quick and affordable medical care for insured and uninsured patients in Denver and the surrounding suburbs. Our facilities are modern and feature state-of-the-art technology with a focus on compassionate care. We are open daily from 8am – 8pm. Patients can walk-in, make a phone appointment or check-in online. Learn more about our urgent care clinics by watching our featured video below:

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