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Where Can You Turn For Relief From Back Pain in the Greater Denver Area?

Metro Urgent Care offers diagnosis and treatment of back pain for both insured and uninsured patients daily between 8am and 8pm. Several convenient locations in Denver and in the surrounding suburbs ensure you and your family will receive prompt and friendly care for back pain.

Are you or a family member suffering from back pain from an acute injury or from ongoing back issues? One of the most common reasons patients turn to urgent cares, back pain can be debilitating and annoying, while preventing people from going about their daily life. Whether the back pain is in the lower, mid or upper back, our doctors will help uncover the origin of the pain, and recommend treatment, which may or may not include medication. Whether you have suffered from a back injury at work or have chronic back pain, we can help! Don’t suffer longer than you have to, visit MUC to get back pain relief today.



Where Is There A Metro Urgent Care Near You?

Metro Urgent Care has many convenient locations throughout the greater Denver area, offering state-of-the-art urgent care facilities and the very best in service. If you are a family member has any of the following symptoms, we recommend visiting the Metro Urgent Care to ensure you receive the proper diagnosis and treatment plan.

Our Greater Denver Area Urgent Care Locations:


Have Back Pain And Need To Be Seen At One Of Our Urgent Care Locations?

Contact us today to book an appointment. We also accept walk-in patients at all of our Colorado locations, along with online check in. To check in online, please select a location from the list below and click the “Early Check In” button on the page.