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Broken Bones

Broken Bones

Immediate Care For Broken Bones in the Greater Denver Area

Breaking a bone is usually an accidental, painful, acute incident that requires immediate attention. At Metro Urgent Care, we help the greater Denver area care for broken bones, (also known as fractures), without a long wait in the emergency room. If you have broken or think you have broken a bone such as your; nose, finger, toe, leg, arm, hand, knee, elbow, jaw, spine, tailbone, or shoulder, we are able to help.



What X-Ray Services and Broken Bone Treatments Do We Offer?

Our services for treating and stabilizing broken bones include x-ray, splinting, casting, and giving any slings, crutches, elastic bandages, or other equipment needed to aid in the healing and long-term fracture management plan for making a broken bone better. In addition, we can provide referrals and make appointments to orthopedic, sports medicine, physical therapy, or other specialists in Colorado that can help with long term fracture management.

How Do You Know If You’ve Broken A Bone?

Usually a break is painful and prevents you from moving the area. Tenderness, bruising, swelling, and deformity or a limb may look “out of place.” If you or your child are suffering from any of these symptoms, it is important to get them into one of ourMetro Urgent Care locations throughout Denver, to have their broken bone assessed as soon as possible.

Should You Go To A Denver Urgent Care Or The Hospital For Broken Bone Treatment?

Depending on the location and severity of your fracture, a hospital visit may be necessary. However, Metro Urgent Care will be able to aid in the diagnosis of your broken bone and direct further treatment or doctor’s visits. Most fractures take a few weeks to a few months to heal depending on the location and severity of the break. It is important to keep in mind that during the healing process, the muscles around the broken bone will likely lose some of their strength, and you may need to do specific exercises to get your mobility and strength back to normal. Metro Urgent Care can help assess the long-term plan for your broken bone as well.

When you come to Metro Urgent Care of Denver, you can expect fast, professional service. Whether you or your child needs medical attention for an illness or have an injury that needs to be assessed, walk in to Metro Urgent Care, no appointment needed.  We pride ourselves on having fast service and limited wait times for you and your family. The less time you spend at home.

Where Is There A Metro Urgent Care Near You?

Metro Urgent Care has many convenient locations throughout the greater Denver area, offering state-of-the-art urgent care facilities and the very best in service. If you are a family member has any of the following symptoms, we recommend visiting the Metro Urgent Care to ensure you receive the proper diagnosis and treatment plan.

Our Greater Denver Area Urgent Care Locations:


Why Choose Urgent Care Over A Visit To The Emergency Room?

We are able to treat many day-to-day and seasonal injuries without a long and costly visit to the emergency room. Whether you burned yourself cooking, had an accident while doing a home improvement project, have bad poison ivy from summer hikes or slipped and fell on winter ice, every injury is taken seriously by Metro Urgent Care. There is no reason too small to come visit us! Since our goal is to keep you out of the waiting room and back at home, our doctors are well equipped to treat almost any injury you may have – but we also know the importance of educating patients about their injuries so they can continue treatment at home and help themselves get better.

Who Can Be Treated At Our Metro Urgent Care Clinics?

We treat adults and children of all ages – if your child has a scrape, strain, pulled muscle, cut, or contusion that you aren’t 100% comfortable treating over the counter and at home, we’re here to help! With our short waiting times, friendly staff, and modern facilities, your child and you will both feel comfortable getting treated at Metro Urgent Care. In addition to dressing wounds and injuries, we will assess cuts, lacerations, and scrapes to determine whether they could benefit from stitches or glue. We can also use staples when necessary for hard-to-close wounds or cuts in high tension areas. For cuts and lacerations, we will recommend and provide a tetanus shot when necessary. We will also transfer prescriptions for further needed medications, ointments, or treatments to your preferred local pharmacy within minutes of your visit with one of our doctors.

Important Things To Remember When Considering Urgent Care For An Injury

Remember, if you are experiencing chest pain, a limb threatening emergency, head injuries, severe trauma, or open fractures, a trip to the Emergency Room is necessary. If you are unsure as to whether your scrape, abrasion, cut, laceration, burn, bruise, sprain, strain, infection, rash, or other injury would be benefitted by a visit to Metro Urgent Care, we are only a phone call away. Our doors and phone lines are always open to anyone in the Colorado area who needs expert, efficient, timely urgent care services.