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Should Bruises Be Treated at Urgent Care?

Bruises are a common injury and often occur when someone has been hurt playing sports, as a result of a fall, or from bumping into something. While most bruises can be treated at home, some are severe enough to warrant seeing a doctor at urgent care. MUC can treat bruises at one of our convenient care clinic locations throughout Denver. We are open daily from 8am-8pm and accept both insured and uninsured patients.

When Does A Bruise Need Medical Care?

Bruises, also known as contusions, can usually be treated at home with ice, elevation and by resting the injured area. However, bruises accompanied by swelling or hematomas (a solid swelling of clotted blood within the tissues) warrant medical attention. If any of the following symptoms are present, it is advisable to seek medical attention:

  • There is numbness around bruise or in extremities
  • The bruise continues getting larger in appearance
  • Lasts longer than a couple weeks
  • Causes impairment of vision
  • Located on the head or neck
  • Pain continues increasing over time
  • Occurs seemingly “out of nowhere” without an injury (could be damage to internal organ)



How Long Does It Take For A Bruise To Heal?

Most bruises heal within 2-3 weeks, and will change colors from dark black/blue to green/yellow hues. This change in coloration is typical and indicates the bruise is healing. Often over the counter pain relievers such as Advil and Tylenol reduce pain associated with bruising. However, if a bruise seems more severe, it is advisable to see your doctor or visit Metro Urgent Care.

Where Is There A Metro Urgent Care Near You?

Metro Urgent Care has many convenient locations throughout the greater Denver area, offering state-of-the-art urgent care facilities and the very best in service. If you are a family member has any of the following symptoms, we recommend visiting the Metro Urgent Care to ensure you receive the proper diagnosis and treatment plan.


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