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Burn Treatment and Immediate Care in the Greater Denver Area

Cooking, making coffee or tea, grilling, a fire with friends or placing a fresh log into a burning fireplace – one of the unfortunate potential risks of these fun, every day activities is the potential for a burn on your skin. If you or a member of your family gets burned, Metro Urgent Care of Denver can treat you promptly and skillfully. Our medical providers are trained to evaluate and treat mild to moderate burns. First degree burns (superficial burns) involve your first layer of skin such as a light sunburn.  Second-degree burns (Partial thickness burns) damage the outer deeper layers of skin layers, where redness and blistering will occur. Third-degree burns (full thickness burns) are severe burns that damage or destroy the deeper layers of skin, nerves underlying structures beneath the skin. 

Sunburn Treatment in Greater Denver at MUC

Metro Urgent Care of Denver can also help you with one of the most common burn types – sunburns. Severe sun burns can benefit from treatment by a medical provider. In places like Colorado plenty of snow and sun, you can get burned in cooler temperatures when the sun reflects off snow and not even realize it! If you think you might have a sunburn and experiencing discomfort, a visit to Metro Urgent Care of Denver can help diagnose and assess your condition and provide treatment as necessary. If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms after getting a sun burn, or burn of any kind, please come visit Metro Urgent Care of Denver and we would be happy to see you quickly and provide an effective treatment plan to help you feel better. 



Can Your Burns Be Treated At Urgent Care Or Do You Need To Go To The Hospital?

Severe or full thickness burns are rare.  Sometimes these patients need to be seen in a burn center or by a specialist.  We can expedite the process and help refer or transfer to the appropriate place.   A referral to a local specialist outside of your Colorado Metro Urgent Care Facility may also be the best option for treating your burn depending on the percentage of the burned body surface, how large your burn is, and what caused the burn.   

How Do We Treat Burns At Our Denver Urgent Care Clinics?

We have topical treatments and pain management guidance and medication to reduce pain and swelling related to your burn. In severe cases, you may be referred from your local Colorado Metro Urgent Care to a burn center for intravenous (IV) fluids to help rehydrate your body. Sometimes, patients might need a tetanus shot depending on the situation surrounding the cause of the burn. If you have a question about the severity of your burn, Metro Urgent Care is more than happy to asses the severity of your injury and recommend a treatment plan moving forward.

Our goal at Metro Urgent Care is to have you spend less time in the waiting room and more time at home with the appropriate treatment plan getting better, especially with painful injuries like burns. We take patients in the greater Denver area on a walk-in basis and see patients as quickly as possible. Our staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and we pride ourselves on providing the friendliest, swiftest, and best Urgent Care experience to families in Colorado.

Where Is There A Metro Urgent Care Near You?

Metro Urgent Care has many convenient locations throughout the greater Denver area, offering state-of-the-art urgent care facilities and the very best in service. If you are a family member has suffered a burn injury, contact us right away or walk in to one of our convenient urgent care locations in Denver.

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