Urgent Care Advantages: Hours, Cost, & Convenience

As Sergeant Wednesday said on Dragnet, “I just want to get the facts.” What we have here are the facts, not opinions or misinformation, rumors or propaganda, but facts about the merits of urgent care over emergency rooms. So, what are these hard and fast facts? Urgent Care vs. Emergency Room Not only are immediate care centers (like Metro Urgent Care) spreading around the country, some pundits have suggested that urgent care facilities are an excellent solution to help slow our spiraling health care costs that, despite...


Symptoms of Strep Throat and When to See the Doctor

During the fall and winter months, many people confuse strep throat with the flu and common cold. As we’ll see in this blog, strep throat has its own unique symptoms. But first, let’s define what strep throat actually is. Strep Throat 101 Strep throat is a contagious infection that affects the inner mouth and upper throat, most notably the pharynx and the larynx. Nearly half of all sore throats in children are caused by strep throat, and it’s also the primary factor behind roughly 10% of...


Things to Consider- Urgent Care vs Emergency Room

Urgent Care vs. Emergency Room Cost The urgent care vs. emergency room is a hotly contested issue, especially with large hospitals seeing a good deal of their profits moving to smaller, more convenient, less expensive urgent care centers. Many people use the ER as if it was a primary care facility and for minor emergencies, which drives up ER costs. So for minor emergencies, less serious illnesses, and annoying complaints, they head to the ER. But now, the more health-conscious Americans have discovered the clear advantages...