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How much does an urgent care visit cost without insurance?

Urgent care clinics often use flat rate pricing for common illnesses, diagnostics, services and treatments for those without insurance. Metro Urgent Care offers affordable flat rate pricing for office visits, follow up visits, physicals and other services. Sometimes it is cheaper to pay a flat rate even if a patient is insured (it depends on each individual insurance plan). 

Below are common services MUC provides at our Denver urgent care clinics, with their flat rate pricing:

  • Office Visit – $160
  • Follow Up Visit – $80
  • TB Test – $45
  • Physical/ Pre-Employment/ Pre-Op exam/ College Sports Physical – $99
  • Sports Physicals – $25
  • Flu Vaccine – $25
  • Stitch or Suture Removal – $50
  • Tetanus Shot – $45

When unplanned illness or medical testing and treatment is necessary, MUC offers quick, affordable and friendly medical care services. We are proud to offer flat rate pricing for those without health insurance, and for those who simply wish to pay out of pocket. Urgent care can be a cheaper and faster alternative to the emergency room, depending on the patient’s medical needs. Patients can check-in online, make a phone appointment or walk-in anytime from 8am – 8pm daily.

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Denver urgent care costs

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Why MUC Offers An Unparalleled Urgent Care Experience For Denver Patients

Metro Urgent Care Offers A New Immediate Medical Care Experience

MUC is proud to offer friendly, quick and affordable medical care for insured and uninsured patients in Denver and the surrounding suburbs. Our facilities are modern and feature state-of-the-art technology with a focus on compassionate care. We are open daily from 8am – 8pm. Patients can walk-in, make a phone appointment or check-in online. Learn more about our urgent care clinics by watching our featured video below:

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How To Stay Healthy This Season

Winter is generally considered a happy season. In most parts of the world, from October to end of April, we enjoy breezy days and chilly nights. However, with these blessings comes the increased risk of catching diseases. Closed windows and shut doors create a nice, warm environment for everyone, including germs and viruses. They can easily transmit from one person to another in this closed environment. To counter this threat, we need to ensure that we follow health precautions.

Get A Flu Shot

One of the most important measures to prevent sickness in winter is to get a Flu Shot as soon as the winter season arrives. Influenza (commonly known as flu) is the most common disease to spread in winter and can easily be countered by a flu shot at the start of winter. Metro Urgent Care is one is always a safe place you can rely on with these shots. And for only $25!

Be With Healthy People

Common belief tells isolation is the best way to prevent catching diseases from people. Very true, however, research has also shown that people who spend time with many mates remain generally healthier than people who have a small circle or stay alone. A happy internal system ensures healthy reproduction of antibodies, hence, kills bacteria and viruses easily.

Know Your Environment

While hanging out with many is a healthy practice, you also need to stay sharp on any contagious virus entering your area. If you read any such news in newspaper, TV or elsewhere, then it might be best to avoid public gatherings like cinemas, family parks etc., find some indoor activities at such times.

Wash Your Hands

Plenty of hand wash is absolutely critical to prevent the passing of the disease from common objects like doorbells or using any public object. Hand sanitizer is an easy way to ensure clean hands, which leaves no residue behind and cleans your hand instantly.

Eat Well

After all, strength to combat disease lies in the immune system of any person, which can be made stronger by eating healthy foods and even consuming multivitamin tablets daily. Consult your family doctor to take advice on which tablet to consume to prevent any reactions.

Sleep, Sleep, Sleep

The most important thing to do in winter to stay healthy is the thing most of us love the most, i.e. Sleep! Sleeping 7 to 8 hours is essential in winters not only for your general health but also because any food consumed will not be absorbed properly if your body is too tired.

Emergency Situations

Whatever the measures you take, you never know what you might have to face next. So, in order to tackle any emergency scenarios, always keep some general-purpose medicines with you to help.

Don’t panic if you start to feel sick. That’s where we come in. And that’s why we’ve become an extension of your neighborhood. A second home to drop by if you ever feel sick. Enjoy the season!

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Urgent Care Advantages: Hours, Cost, & Convenience

As Sergeant Wednesday said on Dragnet, “I just want to get the facts.” What we have here are the facts, not opinions or misinformation, rumors or propaganda, but facts about the merits of urgent care over emergency rooms. So, what are these hard and fast facts?

Urgent Care vs. Emergency Room

Not only are immediate care centers (like Metro Urgent Care) spreading around the country, some pundits have suggested that urgent care facilities are an excellent solution to help slow our spiraling health care costs that, despite attempts by Congress, continues to become more and more expensive every year. Urgent care centers, however, offer a much less expensive experience without reducing the quality of the health care. In fact, considering wait times, convenience, and the professional staff that is usually much less stressed than in an ER, places like Metro Urgent Care may actually be improving the health of those who have turned to them for their primary care needs.

Obviously, urgent care facilities are doing something right. But what? Why are a growing number of people turning to urgent care centers over ERs? There are many reasons, but here are the top 5:

Convenient Hours

Many urgent care centers have extended hours, opening early in the mornings and staying open late in the evenings and on weekends. Unless your emergency is in the middle of the night, you or a loved one can receive immediate medical attention at an urgent care center where the ER is synonymous with long wait times. Like Metro Urgent Care, almost all urgent care facilities allow you to just walk right in – no appointments necessary – and be seen in minutes, not the hours typical of an ER.

Nearby Locations

If you need immediate care for non-life-threatening emergencies or a normal illness, there is probably an urgent care center nearer and easier to reach than your nearest hospital with an emergency room. Most of us don’t live next door to a hospital, but if we did, why would we want to pay the much higher rates for an ER than we would at a conveniently located urgent care center? And not all hospitals have a general or public ER. So just because there is a large hospital or medical complex near you, it doesn’t necessarily mean that health care is that close.

It’s Not All About “Urgent” Care

Metro Urgent Care is here for more than just urgent, immediate health needs. Our doctors and medical staff are available for most of your normal medical needs, including devising a maintenance-friendly health plan, providing physicals and blood work, occupational health issues, and we can serve as your primary care physician for most insurance plans. If you are uninsured, we are your most affordable health care option. It really seems to be an easy choice: Metro Urgent Care.

Lower Overall Cost

If you are used to emergency room prices, you must be wonder if “urgent” can also mean “affordable.” Yes, they can. And that is not just us bragging. The FAIR Health Consumer Group says that many typical urgent care costs are less than half the equivalent ER services. Sometimes even more, and that does not count the time saved in an urgent care where you are usually seen inside of fifteen minutes as opposed to up to four hours in some Colorado ERs.

No Insurance? We got you covered.

We have designed our operational matrix and facilities overhead to be as inexpensive as possible. Our administrative and structural costs are a fraction of big hospital complexes.

Insurance companies take a long time to pay and we normally need to cover those costs while waiting, which adds expenses. So we can offer patients without insurance, people with high deductibles, or anyone who prefers cash a very competitive price without changing the quality of care one bit. No insurance coverage should not stop you from coming in. We will take good care of you, and you don’t have to worry about crippling medical bills afterward.

Emergency rooms are not becoming obsolete. We need them for essential for life-threatening emergencies and when there is a disaster involving large groups of seriously injured people. But when it comes to considering cost, speed of treatment, convenience, and relaxed, friendly staff, urgent care facilities have all the right elements to make them your preferred health provider. So while emergency rooms are not going away, they are no longer the prime choice for routine medical issues.

For residents of the Southwest, one immediate care network stands above the rest: Metro Urgent Care. We have many offices and affiliates ready to serve you. There is no doubt that Metro Urgent Care is your best option for attentive, personalized medical care.

If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected], or call our urgent care specialists at (303) 555-5555.  Special thanks to the folks at this amazing digital marketing company for all the help putting this site together!

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