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Ruggy Ahumada

How To Stay Healthy This Season

Winter is generally considered a happy season. In most parts of the world, from October to end of April, we enjoy breezy days and chilly nights. However, with these blessings comes the increased risk of catching diseases. Closed windows and shut doors create a nice, warm environment for everyone, including germs and viruses. They can easily transmit from one person to another in this closed environment. To counter this threat, we need to ensure that we follow health precautions. Get A Flu Shot One of the most...


Urgent Care Advantages: Hours, Cost, & Convenience

As Sergeant Wednesday said on Dragnet, “I just want to get the facts.” What we have here are the facts, not opinions or misinformation, rumors or propaganda, but facts about the merits of urgent care over emergency rooms. So, what are these hard and fast facts? Urgent Care vs. Emergency Room Not only are immediate care centers (like Metro Urgent Care) spreading around the country, some pundits have suggested that urgent care facilities are an excellent solution to help slow our spiraling health care costs that, despite...