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Proudly Caring For Our Veterans – Triwest Accepted Here


  • As part of implementing the VA MISSION Act of 2018, Metro Urgent Care is proudly offering services to our veterans.
  • We can treat injuries and illnesses that require immediate attention but are not life-threatening, such as influenza, minor burns, and skin infections.
  • We have the ability to diagnose and treat illness or injury for unscheduled, ambulatory patients seeking immediate medical attention (aside from emergency rooms).
  • This benefit is considered open access, allowing Veterans to access urgent care within VA’s community care network and receive care without prior authorization from VA.
  • These benefits are active as of June 2019.
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One Couple’s Recent Experience at Metro Urgent Care in Denver

At Metro Urgent Care, the commitment has always been to remain focused on our patients. Ever since the first day it opened, the founders wanted to revolutionize the healthcare industry with their Denver urgent care facilities and a welcoming atmosphere. By closing the gap between effective treatment and doctor-patient relationships.

The brilliance of Metro Urgent Care of Denver can’t just be explained; it has to be experienced. The friendly, professional, and respectful team at this urgent care community wants to be able to help you find happiness and health in your life. If you need after hours urgent care or just want to improve the quality of your life, all you need to do is walk in.

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How much does an urgent care visit cost without insurance?

Urgent care clinics often use flat rate pricing for common illnesses, diagnostics, services and treatments for those without insurance. Metro Urgent Care offers affordable flat rate pricing for office visits, follow up visits, physicals and other services. Sometimes it is cheaper to pay a flat rate even if a patient is insured (it depends on each individual insurance plan). 

Below are common services MUC provides at our Denver urgent care clinics, with their flat rate pricing:

  • Office Visit – $160
  • Follow Up Visit – $80
  • TB Test – $45
  • Physical/ Pre-Employment/ Pre-Op exam/ College Sports Physical – $99
  • Sports Physicals – $25
  • Flu Vaccine – $25
  • Stitch or Suture Removal – $50
  • Tetanus Shot – $45

When unplanned illness or medical testing and treatment is necessary, MUC offers quick, affordable and friendly medical care services. We are proud to offer flat rate pricing for those without health insurance, and for those who simply wish to pay out of pocket. Urgent care can be a cheaper and faster alternative to the emergency room, depending on the patient’s medical needs. Patients can check-in online, make a phone appointment or walk-in anytime from 8am – 8pm daily.

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Denver urgent care costs

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Is Urgent Care in Denver Cheaper Than Other Treatment Options?

How Does The Cost Of Urgent Care in Denver Stack Up Against A Visit To The ER or A Regular Doctor’s Office?

Are you and your family trying to figure out whether Denver urgent care is cheaper than a visit to your Primary Care Physician or a trip to the ER? Read on!

Denver Urgent care centers like MUC offer patients a huge time-saving benefit over traditional medical facilities. With precise & patient-focused attention, urgent care treatment is a preferred alternative to emergency rooms and primary care physician (PCP) appointments. Urgent care is gaining popularity, particularly with time-stretched individuals and families in the Greater Denver area and suburbs.

With walk-in appointments and affordable rates, families can stress less on both the amount of money they are spending, and the flexible scheduling during busy weeks. Individuals and families with busy schedules can choose to schedule an appointment, check-in online or simply walk into any of the urgent care centers when it’s most convenient for them.

Denver Urgent Care Cheaper Than Emergency Room

How Much Does A Visit To A Denver Urgent Care Clinic Typically Cost?

But what about the typical cost of urgent care treatment? Despite many rumors to the contrary, recent data suggests that expenses for urgent care are significantly lower than the equivalent ER procedure or treatment. If you are curiously asking, “How much do urgent care clinics cost?” we’re here to show you how visiting an urgent care center can save you money.

Not only will you be saving money each time you visit, but your health expense budget will thank you in the long run. The funds you are saving by visiting Metro Urgent Care of Denver will add up, and can be used for other important matters of your life. No one can argue against an increase in their spending money! How does this sound for reduced cost? According to a debt advocacy group, visiting an urgent care facility can save patients a considerable amount of money.

The study showed that the cost of urgent care averaged out around 72% less for allergy treatment and 82% less for urinary tract infection medical care.

When Urgency Is Vital

It’s not always possible to predict when you will get ill or suffer from an injury. When you get a cut, suffer from a burn, become sick, or have to deal with any kind of detrimental medical situation that needs to be taken care of in a short period of time, people tend to think of an ER visit first. The cost for urgent care is so much lower (on top of the service and timeliness being much better), so it’s smarter to opt for urgent care over an ER visit most of the time. Both facilities can provide the treatment you need, but only one can be the cheaper option.

Hidden Benefit of Urgent Care Centers

Since time is money, here’s another hidden benefit of urgent care centers: with their versatile diagnosis and treatment options, many immediate care facilities can provide immediate blood work, x-rays, and other common medical procedures. Instead of traveling to specialized locations (which happens a lot for ER and PCP appointments), urgent care includes multi-faceted care all under one roof. Additionally, these services can usually be completed in one appointment!

Affordable Co-Pays

Co-pays are typically much cheaper at Denver urgent care facilities. It may not seem like a big deal, but a $50 difference in copays can add up over time; if you opt for 10 urgent care visits over traditional medical treatment, that’s a $500 savings right off the bat. MUC works with many insurance companies, to ensure affordable rates for our patients.

Is It Cheaper To Visit Urgent Care If You Don’t Have Insurance?

For families and individuals that do not have insurance, Metro Urgent Care also provides very affordable rates for walk-ins and appointments. If you’re worrying and asking, “How much does urgent care cost?” the answer is always going to be that it’s cheaper than having to go to the emergency room or other traditional medical solutions. You can always give us a call to learn more about the rates of specific treatments, check-ups, and tests for the urgent care center near you.

More Affordable Across the Board

Responsive care, higher rates of customer satisfaction, lower overall costs—there are plenty of reasons to consider urgent care for you and your loved ones. No matter what part of the city you are in when you need medical attention, the choice is easy: Metro Urgent Care of Denver. Our fast-growing network of immediate care centers has all of your urgent medical needs covered. We have more than 40 facilities across the Southwest U.S. region, so top-notch care is only a short drive away! For a list of Metro Urgent Care centers near you, check out our list of locations near you!

More Than Just Reduced Costs

When you visit any Metro Urgent Care facility, day or night, week or weekend, you’ll be treated with an unparalleled level of service. You won’t be treated like a number, nor will you be “processed” as quickly as possible just to get the next patient in, like at other medical facilities. When you are visiting our urgent care centers, you’ll be treated like a person who needs attentive care.


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Have you seen our billboards around Denver?!

With 13 open clinics…

We thought it was time to remind you of how it easy it is to come and see us. And it’s as simple as that. Just walk-in or check-in online at It’s one of the reasons we started Metro Urgent Care. To keep healthcare as simple as possible for you. Which is why we’re always improving wait times, prices, and your overall experience with us. Enjoy your day and remember, we’re just a walk-in or check-in away.

As always…

We got you covered. Get directions to any of our 11 locations here:

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