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Metro Urgent Care provides a superior experience, that goes above and beyond your expectations. We pride ourselves on ensuring each and every patient is a priority, receives prompt and compassionate care and receives the medical diagnoses and treatment they need. The following services are offered at all Metro Urgent Care locations in Colorado:

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Injury care treatment:

Metro urgent care performs injury care treatment to scrapes, abrasions, lacerations, cuts, bruises, contusions, sprains, strains, and more (stitches, glue, staples). We have various types of braces and other medical equipment to treat your injuries in most cases in a single visit. Some treatment plans will require a return visit to ensure you are getting better.


Broken bones:

Metro urgent care provides immediate x-ray and splinting care for broken bones/fractures including broken nose, broken finger, broken toe, broken leg, broken arm, hand, knee, elbow, jaw, spine, tailbone, pelvis, shoulder.  We are able to treat and stabilize many injuries without a long stay in the emergency room.


Back pain:

We provide treatment to alleviate upper back pain, mid back pain and lower back pain.  We may treat with oral medications, injections or both and some patients may benefit from referral to a physical therapist or specialist. Our medical staff will customize a treatment plan that is designed to treat your specific pain or discomfort in a patient centric manner.


Animal bite:

Metro urgent care will treat animal bite injuries including dog bites, cat bites, bug bites and other animals.  Treatments may benefit from medications or injections we stock in-house including antibiotics and tetanus vaccination that can be sent to your primary care physician as needed.



We treat most laceration injuries almost anywhere on the body.   Some may require stitches/sutures and others may only require skin adhesive/glue.   We can also staple cuts closed that occur on the scalp.  A tetanus vaccination is sometimes recommended and provided.



Accidents sometimes result in mild bruises but occasionally some may become more serious.  We evaluate and treat contusions/bruises and all manner of nonlife threatening accidents requiring immediate medical care.



Metro urgent care can evaluate and treat most mild to moderate burns including first or second degree.   We can also stabilize and refer for more serious burns to the emergency or local burn center depending on the severity of burns and the percentage of the burned body surface.



When you have a cough with or without shortness of breath or phlegm, Metro urgent care can evaluate with physical exam, lab testing and X-rays to diagnose bronchitis, asthma, cold, flu or pneumonia and treat accordingly. Don’t just put up with that couch, come see us today!


Ear infections:

Children and adults may come down with ear infections, also called otitis media.   Patients may benefit from in-house medication or oral antibiotics.  Some are treatable with ear drops only. All are available at our clinics or through prescription transferred to your pharmacy.


Sinus infections:

One of the most common illnesses we see are sinus infections.  Prompt treatment is available at metro urgent care. Patients may benefit from in-house medication or oral antibiotics. All are available at our clinics or through prescription transferred to your pharmacy.


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