Durable Medical Equipment

When you find yourself facing a new injury and need medical attention, we know that you want to get relief as quickly as you can. Not only can we help with your injury, but we also carry the supplies and medical equipment you need to make the quickest recovery you possibly can.

At Metro Urgent Care we are committed to providing you with the service, care products, treatment, and medical supplies and equipment you need to make a quick and comfortable recovery. It is important to us that all injuries are handled in a quick and efficient manner.

Give us a call and let us know what your injury is and we’ll let you know how you can best treat it with our affordable medical equipment and pain relief tools.

Medical Equipment

Getting durable medical equipment is important for any injury. At Metro Urgent Care we go a step further and provide medical equipment that is also affordable. Unlike a standard pharmacy, our prices are always competitive and are often better than anywhere else in the area. Give us a call today and let us know what you need and we will help you get on the road to a quick recovery.

Medical Equipment You Need

At Metro Urgent Care we have a wide range of special care products and durable medical equipment to help you make a quick recovery from your recent injury. Whether your injury is minor or not, we have you covered. Here are some of our top medical supplies:

  • Ace Wrap
  • Cold Pack
  • Nebulizer
  • Crutches
  • Splints
  • Cervical Collars
  • Walking Boot
  • Knee Mobilizer
  • SVN Mask
  • Post Op Shoe
  • Arm Sling
  • and more!

This is just a small sample of the medical equipment we carry on hand at Metro Urgent Care. Even if you don’t see what we have, chances are we can still help you.

Affordable Rates

Not only is it important to us that you get the medical supplies you need to make a quick and clean recovery, but it’s also very important to us that we provide affordable medical equipment to all of our patients and clients.

Your wellbeing and recovery is our top priority, but we also put an emphasis on providing equipment that is affordable. At Metro Urgent Care, we are always challenging the pharmacy markets with our competitive prices. Why pay more than you have to for the same or similar medical equipment?

If you find yourself in need of medical equipment after a recent or unexpected injury, give us a call today. No matter how small or significant your injury is, we can help you to feel comfortable and make a quick recovery. Let us know what you’re going through and we can provide recommendations on what affordable medical equipment we can provide.

Even if we don’t have any in stock, we can contact other local Metro Urgent Care facilities on your behalf or can locate local medical providers that may have what you’re looking for.



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