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Flu Shots

Where Can You Get A Flu Shot In Denver?

While there are multiple options for getting a flu shot in the Greater Denver area, Metro Urgent Care offers quick vaccinations in our clean, welcoming medical care centers that are dispersed conveniently throughout Denver and Denver suburbs. Our flu (influenza) shots are $25 and available from 8am – 8pm seven days a week. Simply walk-in, call or check-in online at one of our locations.



Who Should Get A Flu Shot?

The CDC recommends everyone six months and older get a flu vaccination, provided they are healthy during the time they receive the shot. Those younger than 6 months of age, those with potential life-threatening allergies, or those with Guillain-Barré Syndrome should not get the flu shot. If you are unsure if you should or should not get a flu shot, contact MUC and speak with one of our licensed medical professionals.

Select from one of our convenient MUC Locations Below For Your Flu Shots: