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5 Ways You Can Help Hurricane Victims

As flooding continues to devastate Houston, southern Texas, and Florida, there are several options to lend a hand in the aftermath of a Hurricane. Unless you are in the area, and have a boat that you can use to personally rescue people who need help, the best bet is to give money to charities. They’re already on the ground and working on disaster relief on location. Some options include: Food banks could be a good place to direct cash considering how much they’ll be assisting people who lost everything. The Houston Food bank, Galveston food bank. And Corpus Christi Food bank all accept online donations. The Coastal Bend Disaster Recovery Group is a not-for-profit association that gives long haul help to regions recouping from catastrophic events. “In the wake of a Hurricane, areas of the Coastal Bend will no doubt be devastated and long term recover needs of the under-served population will emerge”

1. Send money

Victims will need food, clothing, and other supplies. Right now, moving such items will create logistical challenges that can cause big delays. When you buy relief product locally or regionally, you can reduce shipping costs and send your help much quicker. If you want to give supplies, you’ll need to verify what is needed and what group can deliver your donation. Donate to the Red Cross here.

2.Think twice about crowd funding

If you are considering donating to individual campaigns through a crowd funding platform, such as Go Fund Me or Kickstarter, remember that it’s hard to tell whether an interest is real. Whether your gifts will be utilized for the expressed reason, or someone’s personal interest. Crowd funding appeals may divert donations from where they are needed most. The only reliable way to give through crowd funding is to assist someone you know personally.

3. Help with the rebuilding effort

After any hurricane, especially the latest we’ve experienced with record breaking category, there is always massive of destruction. From homes to schools to offices to government buildings, not many structures can withstand 185-mph winds. The regions affected are going to need our help in rebuilding their communities. That is where organization like Habitat for Humanity come into the equation. You can donate to Habitat for Humanity or any victim’s specific campaign run by Habitat for Humanity. Here, you can use your money to help kick-start the rebuilding process.

4. Receive shelter training and give your time

The damage from hurricanes has pushed many people out of their homes and into make shift shelters. On the off chance that you have sufficient energy and capacity to do so, you ought to consider getting guaranteed in volunteering and enrolling to help staff with cover. Of course, as with our advice around volunteering, you need to make sure you are going where you are needed and not where you might be an additional responsibility of first responders.

5. Donate to a disaster relief nonprofit

When you want to help but you are not sure what the best course of action is, often its best to trust the experts. In most instances, those organizations are going to ask that you send in financial contributions for them to decide how to allocate. They have staff and volunteers working in the regions affected by Hurricane victims and they can best asses where and what your funding should go towards.

Donate to the Red Cross here