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    Why Metro?

    Welcome to Metro Urgent Care of Broomfield, CO located off W 120th Ave.


    We provide a variety of urgent care services in the Broomfield area (we have two locations in Broomfield), including all of those you would find at other similar clinics. So why choose Metro Urgent Care when there are several options?

    We provide exceptional customer service and medical care in a clean modern environment.

    We strive to provide ultimate customer service which is evidenced by our consistently positive reviews at both our Metro Urgent Care of Broomfield. All of our urgent cares are immaculate and modern, and every patient is made to feel welcomed as soon as they walk in our door. Our team goes above and beyond the traditional Denver urgent care experience, because they are dedicated to making each patient feel comfortable and at ease.

    Some urgent care clinics in Broomfield are older and dark, which doesn’t exactly make for a great customer experience. We have evolved the typical urgent care experience into something more pleasant, efficient and simple. Finally, we believe a great customer experience starts from the ground up. Not only are our Broomfield facilities brand new and state-of-the-art, but our employees are the face of our business. We pride ourselves on providing an amazing employee experience, so they in turn create positive experiences for each person who visits our clinic.

    Our Providers

    Rest assured that our Metro Urgent Care providers are highly-educated, compassionate and knowledgeable medical professionals, dedicated to helping diagnose and treat a variety of ailments and injuries. They also help provide medical testing services, administer flu and vaccination shots and provide sports physicals and medical physicals. Each team member on staff has been hand-picked due to their expertise and passion in this field.

    Where Are We Located?

    We are located at 6450 W 120th Ave Broomfield, CO 80020, just North of Big O Tires and Hertz. If you have any trouble with directions, please click the map link or call our office.

    Urgent Care Services We Provide:


    What Insurance Do We Accept?


    • United Healthcare
    • Humana
    • Cigna
    • Anthem
    • Aetna
    • Tricare
    • Medicare
    • Medicaid


    Quality Care, at an Affordable Price.

    • Best looking clinics in the country
    • Specialist follow up appointments made for you
    • No need to go to the pharmacy in most cases, go straight home with meds for $10
    • Weekend, and weekday hours are all the same for your convenience
    • Locations throughout the Denver metro area
    • Pay your medical bills online
    • X-ray equipment on site, at every location
    • One simple Cash Rate for services
    • Labs drawn on-site
    • Quick access to medical help

    Accepted Insurances