Colorado Urgent Care Locations: Metro Urgent Care

At Metro Urgent Care, we know that feeling your best is your top priority, but when your schedule gets hectic, it can be hard to take care of yourself. That's why we're here. Our expansive list of services, along with our compassionate staff, is here to provide the most convenient, most effective treatments available to get you back on your feet in no time. Equipped with durable medical equipment, a wide assortment of over-the-counter medications, and the lowest prescription costs available, our compassion extends to your wallet, too.

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1. 2595 S. Lewis Way – Opening 6/23/17 8.1 mi

2597 S Lewis Way Denver CO 80227 US
  Daily 8am-8pm

2. 2241 E. Arapahoe Rd. 10.0 mi

2241 E Arapahoe Rd, Centennial, CO 80122, USA
Phone: 720-274-0972
Fax: 720-214-8631
  Daily 8am-8pm

3. 9960 N. Wadsworth Parkway 11.0 mi

9960 N. Wadsworth Parkway Westminster CO 80021 US
Phone: 720-274-7244
Fax: 720-644-5448
  Daily 8am-8pm

4. 6450 W 120th Ave. 12.8 mi

6450 W 120th Ave Broomfield CO 80020 US
Phone: 720-274-9200
Fax: 720-274-9379
  Daily 8am-8pm

5. 3950 W 144th Ave. 15.3 mi

3950 W. 144th Ave. Broomfield CO 80023 US
Phone: 720-214-8955
Fax: 720-214-9474
  Daily 8am-8pm

6. 7460 Gartrell Rd – Opening 6/23/17 17.9 mi

7460 S Gartrell Rd Aurora CO 80016 US
  Daily 8am-8pm

7. 297 N US Hwy 287 19.0 mi

297 US-287 Unit 110 Lafayette CO 80026 US
Phone: 720-274-7650
Fax: 720-274-8637
  Daily 8am-8pm

Find Urgent Care Near Me

Metro Urgent Care is conveniently located near your work, school, or home. In fact, with our ever growing network of Metro Urgent Care facilities, we are probably more convenient than your family doctor's office or the nearest hospital. Just another reason to make Metro Urgent Care your primary source for quick, efficient, and professional medical treatment.

Local Services

Metro Urgent Care provides a both emergency services and on-going treatment and wellness programs. We are like the ER and your family physician all rolled into one convenient, inexpensive, highly capable package. Some of the services we provide include:

Stop in or give us a call and let us know what you need help with.

This is just a sampling, so if you have other concerns just stop in or call us. Our staff’s main job is simply to help you.

Why do you need to know where your nearest Metro Urgent Care is located? Easy enough. It can make the difference between having the treatment you need quickly or a delay that could have severe consequences. When you are suffering, you want relief fast. Sometimes a fast response to something that seems minor can mean the difference between life and death or happiness and a lifetime of suffering. We are open extended hours and on weekends, so being able to find us quickly means you can come right from home, work, school, or recreational activity and eliminate of delay causing complications you don’t need. Walk-ins are welcome, so no need to worry about setting an appointment.

Get Immediate Attention

Metro Urgent Care prides itself in being able to treat clients immediately. Unlike the doctor’s office, where they have to fit you in between other appointments even if you are suffering, or the ER where wait times in Colorado have been known to exceed four hours, at Metro Urgent Care, there is little to no time between when you arrive and when your medical attention begins. We understand that you did not plan your emergency or your illness. Unplanned circumstances are no excuse for a medical facility to make your situation worse by having you sit in hard plastic seats for hours. Knowing where nearest Metro Urgent Care is located can get you to the doctor’s office fast… then we make sure you are in front of the doctor just as fast. You will receive immediate attention from a highly trained, friendly, professional staff from the moment you arrive.

Just Walk Right In

When you are in pain and hurting, the last thing you need is to make a phone call to set an appointment for maybe next Tuesday. You don’t want the hassle, don’t have the time, and certainly don’t have the endurance to listen to music-on-hold for twenty minutes. Not at all. Chances are that the twenty minutes you stayed on hold waiting for an appointment hours or days away is longer than it would take to go from the door to the doctor at Metro Urgent Care. If you are suffering, make a beeline to the nearest Metro Urgent Care facility and start the process of recover faster, with fewer issues, and at a lower cost.

Professional and Friendly Staff

Metro Urgent Care carefully screens all applicants to ensure that our staff as is qualified as you will find at any emergency medical facility. Then we take another step and make sure their attitude is professional and centered on you, which is the reason we are here. And then we make sure that our staff members are just down right nice people. Three qualifications, then, to work at Metro Urgent Care: the applicant must be highly trained and able to perform at the highest standards; they must be focused on providing the best medical care for each and every client; and they need to have the personality that will make your visit comfortable and pleasant. We know it is hard to smile when you are suffering, so we go a long way to ensure you at least have no reason to add to your pain. Each member of our team will exhibit the friendliness and respect you deserve and need, regardless of your medical needs.

Urgent Care Reduces Pain and Stress

When you are suffering, finding relief quickly goes a long way to a fast recovery. Putting off seeing the doctor because you are waiting for the symptoms to get “bad enough” only causes you more pain and may add time to your recovery. Why in the world would you want to live longer with the pain and discomfort of your symptoms when a quick trip to Metro Urgent Care could set you in the path to a speedy recovery? The sooner you address your issues, the faster you will find relief.

And when you are not feeling well for any reason, needless red tape and bureaucracy only add to your stress and make you feel worse. Our process is streamlined; less stress is the first step toward healing.

Metro Urgent Care Locations

Use the interactive map above to locate the nearest urgent care facility near you. Metro Urgent Care is part of a network of facilities across the state. Select a clinic above or find your nearest location by entering your address.

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