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Minor Injury Medication and Medical Attention Without Major Wait Times: What Does Urgent Care Treat?

It wasn’t too long ago that a minor injury required a major time investment at your local ER or doctor’s office. Anything from an insect bite to an eye infection meant endless waiting – sometimes hours on end – to receive treatment.

But not anymore.

Metro Urgent Care provides the care you need without the red tape, wait times and often expensive medical bills of an ER facility. Many individuals and families throughout the Denver metro region and across Colorado depend on Metro Urgent Care for quick, quality care for all types of minor injuries.

What does urgent care treat? For many minor injuries and non-life-threatening situations, we’re the logical choice for prompt, professional medical care. Let’s take a look at all the different injuries and ailments that your local Metro Urgent Care walk-in clinic can help with!


Minor Injuries Treated at Urgent Care

Injury treatment is one of our primary services, and our medical team of doctors, nurses and technicians can help with a variety of minor injuries. If you’re not sure what to go to urgent care for when it comes to injuries, read this list first.

So what types of injuries can our urgent care treat?

  • Infections – insect bites, viral infections, wounds and more.
  • Allergic reactions – every Metro Urgent Care walk-in clinic includes an allergy treatment center. Plus, allergy medical attention at our urgent care center aligns with national cost-savings trends – in some cases, your visit will cost less than 25% of typical ER treatment!
  • Scrapes, cuts and bruises – stop by for quick and top-quality care!
  • Broken bones – Metro Urgent Care has full x-ray services at each healthcare facility, so we can diagnose and treat broken bones.
  • Concussions – a common occurrence with work accidents and sports injuries, concussions require immediate treatment and a plan for therapy moving forward. Metro Urgent Care provides both!
  • Other minor injuries – including back and chest injuries, sprains, strains, skin conditions and more!

One of the most common questions we receive is, “What does urgent care treat?” At Metro Urgent Care, pretty much everything and anything, as long as it’s not a life-threatening condition or injury!

Minor injuries shouldn’t mean major hassle for your daily life. For reliable care and rapid treatment, look no further than Metro Urgent Care, Colorado’s premier network of walk-in healthcare clinics. What do our urgent care centers treat? Aside from our quality medical care for minor injuries, we also offer a full selection of affordable services for you and your entire family, including flu shots, physicals, x-rays and more. We’re also the choice primary healthcare provider for a growing number of Colorado residents.

If you’re not sure what to go to urgent care for, stop by any of our medical care clinics today. Thanks for visiting the Metro Urgent Care blog – and stop back for more health tips, updates and other helpful information.