At Metro Urgent Care, your well-being is our absolute number one priority and focus. The health of our patients is what keeps us going every single day as we continue to strive to make your life more comfortable, safer, and stress free. No matter what you are going through, Metro Urgent Care and our entire staff is here to serve you. If you need a patient resource to help you understand our process or make your recovery easier, we are happy to provide what you need.

Patients Are Our Number One Priority

Every member of our team is equipped to handle the nature of medical emergencies. When you stop into any of our urgent care clinics, you can rest easy knowing that our expert medical treatment will be focused on you and not on the potential costs of your prescriptions. Many doctors and medical facilities are only interested in helping you just enough to get you to pay for a prescription and send you off.

At Metro Urgent Care, we are committed to serving you and your conditions and ensuring that you are living a healthy life beyond the restoration of your medical condition. All of our patients get the luxury of being treated with the courtesy and respect that is deserved, every step of the way. From the moment you step into our facility, you will have all of the patient resources you need to get through your medical emergency, illness, or injury.

Patient Resources

When patients make their visit to our urgent care clinics, we want patient resources to be available to them through every step of the way. We provide all of our patients with the ability to access certain forms, suggestions on how to work with insurance companies, and information about your prescriptions. Click on one of the links below to get more information on one or many of our patient resources:

At Metro Urgent Care, our patients are at the core of all the work that we do. We strive to make you feel comfortable, welcomed, and respected the instant you step into our clinic or make contact with us. Every step of the way you will be cared for and provided all of the patient resources you need to get through your medical condition and to make a quick and healthy recovery

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