Annual Corporate Physicals

No matter where you are in the corporate ladder, it’s important to stay healthy. This is why annual corporate physicals are more common, especially as organizations get larger. It goes behind the Human Resource department when it comes to the well-being of employees in a corporate environment. It should come as no surprise that employees (at every level in the organization) will be more productive when they are happy and healthy, rather than feeling stressed or dealing with health issues.

An annual physical gives employees at every level of the organization to get an understanding of where they are with their current health status, identify issues they were not aware of, and begin to get the help they need to become healthier and feel better.

If you are a leader in your organization, it’s up to you to be able to influence your organization in a positive way that promotes health, happiness, and productivity throughout the entire team. Consider annual corporate physicals as a way to improve the overall health of your organization, as well as a way to instill trust and gratitude in your team.

It’s not only a great choice to make, but it can actually improve your bottom line when employees are operating at their best.

What Does an Annual Corporate Physical Include?

What may be included in an annual physical is going to vary from business to business, as well as the medical organization a business selects to operate their annual physical plan. Many medical organizations are willing to customize their physicals and wellness exams to meet the needs of a business like yours. Give us a call today at Metro Urgent Care to learn how we can customize our annual corporate physicals for your business.

Depending on your corporate needs, a medical organization could provide various types of examinations and medical work, such as those below:

  • Routine medical examination (e.g., physical)
  • Duty examinations (to verify the individual is fit for their assigned job)
  • Compliance physicals (e.g., DOT, OSHA exams, etc.)
  • Screenings for drug and/or alcohol use
  • Lab work

More services may be available as part of your annual corporate physical, depending on the needs of your corporate organization. All you have to do is give us a call at Metro Urgent Care and we can establish a customized annual physical or wellness program that focuses on the key areas that you want your business and its employees to have available.

Remember that health physicals for your employees goes beyond ensuring that they are “fit for the job.” By providing an annual corporate physical for your employees, you are establishing trust with your employees while creating a positive corporate environment. An annual corporate physical doesn’t need to be one sided: it helps both you as an organization leader as well as those in your charge.

Contact us today at Metro Urgent Care to learn more about an annual physical that could be provided as part of your corporate environment. A regular checkup program (like the annual corporate physical) is a great way to keep team morale high and give them an opportunity to stay healthy while allowing you, as a business leader, to get a general overview of the health status of your organization.

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