DOT Physicals

Some career paths and industries may require what’s known as a “DOT Physical,” or DOT card. A DOT, short for “Department of Transportation,” is a federally mandated document, also known as the Medical Examiner’s Certificate, that states that you are capable of operating a commercial motor vehicle.

These DOT cards are crucial for people who want to acquire a commercial driver’s license (including supervisors, dispatchers, local route drivers, over the road truckers [Class A and Class B], and more), or anyone that wants to drive a vehicle that weighs more than 5 tons (10,000 lbs). In order to acquire a DOT card, an individual will need to take a DOT physical.

Does Urgent Care Do DOT Physicals?

Urgent care centers, like the ones with Metro Urgent Care, can provide a walk-in DOT physical at one of our DOT physical locations. This gives you the opportunity to seek out a DOT physical anytime that will fit on your personal schedule. These DOT physical examinations must be done by a Certified Medical Examiner (MEs), which Metro Urgent Care has on staff.

A DOT physical is similar to a traditional physical checkup, but does focus on areas that are specific to the operation of commercial motor vehicles. For example, an examiner may look at the following areas of your health:

  • Driver health history (e.g., brain injuries, vision, paralysis, diseases, strokes, missing limbs, spinal cord injuries, etc.)
  • Blood pressure
  • Examination of mouth, ears, throat and eyes
  • Examination of heart and lungs
  • Hernia
  • Abdomen check for abnormalities
  • Neurological exam
  • Spinal deformities
  • And more, depending on the examiner

It’s important to answer all questions truthfully, as you may face significant legal consequences if you do not. Remember that the DOT physical is done to ensure that you are in good enough health to operate a large commercial vehicle, or any other type of commercial vehicle that falls within certain legal requirements (e.g., vehicles transporting hazardous materials).

If the Medical Examiner finds that you are physically capable to drive a commercial vehicle, he or she will provide you with a copy of the results in order for you to obtain a completed Medical Examiner’s Certificate (or DOT card). This will then allow you to be legally capable of driving a commercial motor vehicle.

When completed, most DOT cards will be valid for up to 24 months, although a doctor may choose to limit the duration of the certificate if he or she deems it appropriate. For example, if he or she feels that there is a medical condition that needs to be monitored, choosing a shorter certificate duration can make it easier to keep an eye on certain conditions.

Contact us today at Metro Urgent Care if you are asking, “does urgent care do DOT physicals” and want to find one of our DOT physical locations. Getting a DOT physical is an important part for many transportation related careers: don’t let the physical stop you from getting the job you want or need. Give us a call today and let us help you out.

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