Pre Op Physicals

When it comes to living a healthy life, we should always do everything in our power to stay in the best shape possible. From dieting to regular physical examinations to lifestyle changes, there’s many ways we can stay in good health. However, sometimes life can throw a curveball and turn things upside down, even when we’ve done our best to stay healthy and be prepared.

Sometimes when life throws us a curveball (for example, an automotive accident), we have to get surgery in order to repair our bodies and keep it in good condition. This is where a pre op physical comes into play.

What Is a Pre Op Physical

“What is a pre op physical?” is a common question for patients, especially those about to enter surgery. Pre Op Physicals, short for “preoperative physical exams,” are done to help a doctor understand the health conditions of a patient that is about to take part in some form of surgery. The main goal of a pre op physical is to ensure that the doctor performing the surgery will know as much as possible about the patient before beginning, such as health complications that might cause conflict during the surgery.

This will also give the patient of the pre surgery physical an opportunity to learn more about their current health conditions and ask questions about their health or the type of surgery they are about to participate in.

What Happens During a Pre Op Physical?

What happens during a pre op physical examination is going to vary drastically based on the surgery you are taking part in. There’s little reason to take a test for something that will play no part in the surgery you will undergo. This is why every pre op physical is going to be specialized based on the type of surgery you are getting.
However, there are some common tests, questions, and procedures that are taken during most pre op physical examinations that you may be able to expect:

  • X-Rays (e.g., for lungs) and other imaging tests
  • Blood tests
  • Kidney tests
  • Liver tests
  • Blood sugar tests
  • ECG (e.g., for the heart)
  • Questions about your general health
    • Age
    • Health risks you have
    • Medication you are taking
    • The type of surgery you are having
    • Other known health problems

As part of your pre op physical, you may have to undergo certain specialized tests that are specific to the type of surgery you are about to take. This will help to rule out other complications that can arise during surgery.

Generally, most pre-op checkups will need to be done about a month prior to your surgery. This provides you, your doctor/surgeon with enough time to prepare for the surgery, such as treating any medical problems that will complicate the surgery. Medication may be required after the pre-op physical, and this month period will give your body time to make changes as necessary.

Contact us today at Metro Urgent Care to learn more about a pre op physical and to schedule your very own pre surgery physical. We’ll be happy to answer questions like, “what is a pre op physical exam,” and “what can I expect during my physical?”

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