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Where To Get A Pre-Employment Physical in Denver Area

Here’s where to go for a cheap pre-employment physical in Denver and the surrounding areas:

Whether you’re starting a new job or need medical clearance for a specific purpose, finding out where to get a pre-employment physical in Denver doesn’t have to be difficult. Our Denver urgent cares offer affordable physicals that are available on a walk-in basis. Here’s more about the process and what to expect.

$99 Flat Rate Physicals At Metro Urgent Care 

MUC offers $99 flat rate physicals at all our Denver urgent care locations. Simply call, check-in online or walk in and pay a flat rate off $99 for your pre-employment physical.

Cheap Physicals Denver CO

Who Needs a Pre-Employment Physical?

Often, job seekers who are looking for roles in physically demanding roles will need a pre-employment physical. If your job description includes tasks like lifting, bending, and even extensive walking or standing, your employer may ask you to prove your physical fitness for the role.

Physical requirements vary by employer, but the physical evaluation covers abilities such as squatting and bending, along with checking your vital signs and any other notable conditions or issues. For corporate roles that are looking for a clean bill of health, the requirements may be less stringent, including only vital signs and a quick checkup.

Who Pays for the Pre-Employment Physical?

In most cases, the job applicant or employee must pay for their own physical. In some cases, companies may cover or reimburse the cost, but that practice is less common. Most of the time, employees are on their own, which is why it’s understandable that they’re looking for cheap pre-employment physicals.

Fortunately, our urgent care provides affordable pre-employment physicals for a flat rate of $99. While insurance doesn’t cover the cost, our rates make getting a physical more accessible than ever before. And, you can walk in anytime without an appointment.  Employers may require labs to be performed and while this is uncommon, we are able to perform these for additional cost.

What Does the Physical Involve?

Pre-employment physicals vary per provider and role of the employer in a specific job.  It may involve simple tests such as squatting, bending, checking your heart rate and breathing and other straightforward measures of overall health. The entire process takes around 15 to 20 minutes, so you can get in quickly and have your proof of exam immediately.

You’ll visit with a licensed physician for your appointment, and they’ll walk you through each simple step in the process. Depending on what requirements your employer has, your physical may cover additional tests or specific measures of health.

If you pass each item, you’ll receive a clean bill of health afterward. Then you can get started with your new job or role immediately.

Why Choose Metro Urgent Care?

Our urgent cares consistently receives 5-star reviews from patients in the Denver community. Our affordable pre-employment physicals are a helpful addition to our healthcare offerings, meeting a specific need for workers in our area.

With your personal physician, you can expect weeks-long wait times and additional fees or charges for a pre-employment physical in Denver. The fastest and cheapest way to receive the sign-off you need to begin a new job is to drop in for a $99 exam.

You’ll have a quick visit with a doctor, complete a few easy tasks, and have your vital signs read. Then, you’ll leave with confirmation that you’re in good health and ready to start working, all in record time and at a flat-rate cost.