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Do You Need a Pre-Employment Physical For a New Job or Career?

Whether you’re starting a new job or are entering a career in a physically-demanding fields, you may need a pre-employment physical. MUC Aurora urgent cares offer cheap, quick pre-employment physicals at a flat rate of $99. We are open daily at three Aurora urgent care locations from 8am – 8pm and treat both insured and uninsured patients. 

Perhaps you recently landed a job that includes tasks like lifting, bending, extensive walking, or standing. If so, your employer may ask you to prove your physical fitness for the role. Although physical requirements can vary by employer,  a pre-employment physical requires an evaluation that covers abilities..

Pre-employment physicals might also include checking vital signs and any other notable conditions or issues. For corporate roles that are looking for a clean bill of health, the requirements may be less stringent, including only vital signs and a quick physical checkup. It isn’t uncommon for job applicants and employees to have to pay for their own pre-employment physical, so the $99 flat rate is a cheap, quick option.

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