Primary Care Services

It only makes sense to select a Primary Care Physician (PCP) who can be there for both your regular family health needs and who is available for emergency medical care, can order a wide range of labs in-house, maintains a well-stocked pharmacy, has on-site x-ray facilities, accepts walk-ins, and has extend hours in the evenings and on weekends. That would make Metro Urgent Care your best choice. Our physicians are no different than your traditional family doctor or a hospital PCP. They just work in an environment that is friendlier for patients, more convenient, and generally much less expensive.

Our primary  care physicians perform the same tasks you would find elsewhere: they monitor your health status, develop a personal relationship, refer you to specialists when needed, perform a variety of physical exams, and provide on-going, long-term health care for the same problems you would take to a family doctor. The major difference is that Metro Urgent Care’s offices are open longer and many of the essential medical services are performed in-house. And, of course, we take walk-ins and our general wait time is usually much less than a regular doctor’s office and hours less than an ER.

Primary Care Physicians

Primary care physicians are your first stop when you are feeling poorly or have an immediate or urgent care issue. They are also your go-to source for routine medical exams and to answer questions about your personal health issues. Their services are especially valuable because they know your health history and they are someone with whom you are comfortable discussing even the most intimate health issues. Choosing from medical professionals at Metro Urgent Care for your PCP comes with a lot of extra benefits not found in traditional doctor’s offices.

Metro Urgent Care is also located near you. But because we are a network of urgent care centers, if you have a problem across town, it is a simple matter to find a Metro Urgent Care near where you are for an emergency or just for convenience.

A Metro Urgent Care PCP comes with these added benefits:

  • No Appointment Necessary
  • Extended Hours
  • Open Weekends and Holidays
  • In-house Medication Dispensary
  • In-house X-ray
  • Accepts Most Insurances and Cash
  • And more!

Why Choose Urgent Care Physicians over-Traditional Primary Care Physicians?

The quality of care you receive is largely based on the quality of the doctor. Metro Urgent Care has a dedicated staff of highly qualified family physicians, urgent care technicians, and medical specialists. The main difference between a Metro Urgent Care doctor and a private physician is that our doctors have chosen to work in a facility that gives them the tools and support personnel right at their fingertips; they can provide the best, fastest, and most economical care available.

Metro Urgent Care- Your PCPRemember, Metro Urgent Care has x-ray , lab, medicine, and medical appliances available right in their facility. That is a huge savings of time and money and the support staff is right there where the doctor can oversee all lab and test procedures.

Primary care physicians are often the starting point for most insurance companies. They are the ones who recommend specialists and order labs and medication. What better than to have your primary care physician in a state-of-the-art urgent care office where everything is available to help you immediately and without delays while files are transferred from one office to another.

A good professional relationship with a primary care physician can help you improve your lifestyle, keep track of potential issues based on your family history, and they have a feel for your medical baseline, alerting them when something unusual is happening that you might not even notice. This is critical in maintaining and improving your health and the health of your family. A primary care physician is better at spotting trends, keeping an eye on genetic issues, picking up on small changes that foreshadow large problems, and being able to quickly and efficiently recommend treatments best suited for you as an individual.

What does a Metro Urgent Care Primary Care Physician actually do?

Just like any family doctor, they are your first call for treatment of common medical conditions. The longer you are with them, the better they can treat you as a person with unique medical demands.

A PCP keeps track of the files and paperwork you need for your insurance, educational institutions, sports programs, and general medical history so you are not overwhelmed with forms and filings. They provide a single point of contact for other specialists, government agencies, and other healthcare providers who may be called in to assist you with your health or lifestyle.

One of the most important duties of a primary care physician is in preventative medicine. Since they know you, they can spot warning signs of certain illnesses or tell at a glance if a treatment is working. They can provide the exams and tests that will identify any hidden illness and allow you to take action before you are inflicted with undue suffering or unnecessary medical fees. Early detection is the best hedge against long-term illnesses and unwanted expenses.

If you are just not feeling well, you PCP can perform disease screening and check the results against a medical baseline. If you are feeling sluggish, have persistent headaches, or just feel you are not at the top of your game, your primary care physician can help identify the cause and remedy it, sometimes with something as simple as over-the-counter supplements. Regular visits to your Metro Urgent Care physician can help detect diseases where the symptoms are not readily apparent.

Your PCP, as part of the Metro Urgent Care network, will have access to flu vaccinations as soon as they are available. This will give you a head start on development of the necessary antibodies to help stave off the illness. Metro Urgent Care can also provide vaccinations against full spectrum of diseases, including the all-important childhood immunizations. Vaccinations are an important element of preventive care.

It is important to monitoring your overall health. Regularly blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, and other tests can assist your Metro Urgent Care primary care physician in watching what is going on in your body. You can stave off many illnesses just by catching them early enough and taking the proper action.

Of course, if something comes up that is of major importance, your Metro Urgent Care physician may recommend you see a medical specialist. Many insurance companies require you to visit your primary care physician for a referral before going to a specialist and sometimes the doctor will spot an issue that is completely different than you might expect and help you select the right care.

How Far Do I Have to Drive?

Metro Urgent Care has convenient offices with primary care physician services throughout the Metro Denver Area. It is easy to find a facility near you so individuals and families can receive the specialized, one-on-one treatment and attention they deserve.

Find the nearest Metro Urgent Care and put your medical needs on track with a convenient, friendly primary care physician.

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