Denver Urgent Care Clinics

Non-Urgent Care Services

MUC offers a variety of non-urgent care services throughout Greater Denver. Non-urgent care services may vary from clinic to clinic, so please call the location to schedule an appointment or for more information on the services provided.

Important Things to Know

At Metro Urgent Care, the commitment has always been to remain focused on the patients. Ever since the first day we opened, our founders wanted to revolutionize the healthcare industry with our urgent care facilities and welcoming atmosphere. Whether you need to be seen for a general physical, sports physical, pre-op physical, or for medical testing, contact us today to learn more about our non-urgent care services. We accept Medicare, Medicaid, United Healthcare, United Healthcare, Humana, Cigna, Anthem, Aetna, Tricare, Humana, Cigna. Call to see if your insurance is accepted.

Some of the Medical Services We Provide at MUC

  • Physicals
  • Pre-Op Physical
  • Sports Physical
  • Vitals
  • Vision Tests
  • Head-To-Toe-Exam
  • Medical History Review
  • Completed AIA Approved Forms
  • Safety Assessment Of Participant
  • Other Medical Tests As Needed