Saving you from the hassle of high cost meds.

Low Cost Medicines

When you’re looking for inexpensive prescriptions, you’ll be pleased to know that we carry a wide array of medications on-site at each of our urgent care facilities. This means that you’ll get to save a lot of time and money without having to stop at a traditional pharmacy after your visit.

Save Time & Money

Don’t feel pressured to visit another popular pharmacy just because you can find one on every corner. Visit Metro Urgent Care and get your low cost prescriptions filled in record time! Visit our Extra Savings Page for current coupons.

We know that you have places to be and don’t want to spend your day having to wait in line to get your prescriptions filled. Time is the most valuable resource you have and it should be saved at every opportunity. You’ll be glad to know that prescriptions and low cost medications can be filled right as you are checking out. You’ll be able to skip the pharmacy lines by getting in and out rather quickly.

Not only will you save time, but your wallet and budget will thank you for getting your low cost prescriptions filled at Metro Urgent Care. Unlike Walgreens and other pharmacies, you won’t feel like you’re spending an arm and a leg to get the medication you need.

Most prescriptions only cost $15 when visiting Metro Urgent Care. If you visit a pharmacy for the same medication, you may end up spending twice as much or more. There is usually little to no difference between the medication beyond the price tag. For example, a 30 tablet prescription of Zofran is only $15 with us, but can cost as much as $280 at a local pharmacy. If you were given the choice between spending $15 or $280 or any other expensive price, which would you choose? After you receive care for any illness or injury at Metro Urgent Care, there is no reason to stop at a pharmacy to wait in line. Get your low-cost medicines and prescriptions at all of our Metro Denver locations.