Issued for reasons related to legality, safety & well being.

Employee Drug Tests

In the modern world, a drug test is commonplace among places of employment, sports activities, and more. There are many reasons that businesses or organizations may require a drug test, and they will vary based on each situation. In most cases, these tests are issued for reasons related to legality, safety, and well being. It is not uncommon for individuals to be required to take a drug test at any point during their employment, sports training, or competition period.

What is a

Drug Test?

A drug test is a type of technical test or analysis that is done to determine the presence (or lack) of specific drugs. The drugs that are being searched for will vary from organization to organization and test to test.

Places of employment are often the first place people will think about when it comes to drug testing. Drug tests are often used during pre-employment to rule out individuals who do not meet certain drug use requirements. Random drug tests may also be issued from time to time to ensure that employees are adhering to drug use regulations within the company.

However, not all drug tests are used to rule out individuals for opportunities. They can also be administered to help families or healthcare professionals identify problems in an individual. These tests can be used to help find solutions to certain kinds of drug use that may not be apparent at first.

Drug Test

For Occupational Medicine

An important utilization of a drug test is for maintaining the occupational health of your workforce. Early detection is an integral component of helping employees stay healthy by spotting the warning signs of medical conditions before they become dangerous.

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Where can I get a

Drug Test?

If you are asking yourself, “Where can I find drug testing near me?” then you can look to Metro Urgent Care for simple walk-in drug testing. Whether the drug test is being issued by choice or requested by an employer, finding a drug test clinic will be your first step. You won’t need to ask, “Where can I get a drug test done?” when you are nearby any Metro Urgent Care facility.

All of our urgent care centers are equipped to handle an urgent care drug test. Even if you find yourself in need of a drug test today, you can stop in at any time that is convenient for you. Our facilities specialize in handling patients that need a wide variety of treatment and medical services. From a simple drug test to more complex medical conditions, Metro Urgent Care will be your number one provider for finding immediate medical solutions.