Health Management.

Health Physicals.


Metro Urgent Care physical exams provide you with the information you need to establish proper eating habits, exercise routines, medicines and supplement use, and to allow you to make informed lifestyle choices about recreational and work activities.

Establishing Baselines

People are different and their bodies work differently. Often it is very subtle but a deviation from what is normal for you may appear normal to a doctor who doesn’t know you. Some people have naturally lower body temperatures, occasionally as low 95 (35 C) degrees, so a temperature of 98.6 (37 C) that appears normal without an established baseline body temperature, derived through regular physicals, can leave an illness untreated.

Most health care providers consider 100.4 (38 C) as the point where a fever becomes significant. If your normal body temperature is lower and you go to the doctor with a 99 (37.2 C) degree fever, your doctor may not think much of it but you could be suffering significantly. By establishing a baseline, you will know if something below 100.4 (38 C) is reason to be concerned and you can make a point of getting attention when the fever is just 100 (37.7 C), well below what would normally be considered significant.

Medical baselines should be established in many more areas than just body temperature. Metro Urgent Care can help set the personalized standards for you that will allow the doctor to set a red flag at the appropriate point in a blood test or other procedure to ensure you receive the early intervention necessary to prevent major problems from developing.

Metro Urgent Care physicals help you to stay informed about the state of your body by providing you with certain detailed, customized metrics. Our Primary Care Physicians can order the appropriate tests from our in-house lab and x-ray unit.

Sports Physicals.

MUC Sports Physicals

We administer a comprehensive fitness test, and also review strength & flexibility exercises. Our goal is to make sure you’re completely prepared to handle the rigors and demands of youth, club, high school or even college-level athletics.

Whether you’re a gridiron great, a future hoops Hall of Famer or a baseball all-star (or any other sport), Metro Urgent Care can help get you cleared to play. Remember, most schools provide a form for a doctor or other care provider to complete, so make sure to bring it to your visit.

Getting a sports physical is more than simply meeting requirements set by your school or the sports organization. A thorough sports physical can provide you with information on the state of your health, medical professionals can recommend warm-up exercises and how to care for your body to get the best performance, and to make sure you are keeping an eye on sports-related conditions that may come up in the future. A sports physical may include the following when you visit:

  • 1.


  • 2.

    Vision Test

  • 3.

    Head-to-toe Exam

  • 4.

    Medical History Review

  • 5.

    Completed AIA approved forms

  • 6.

    Safety assessment of participant

  • 7.

    Other tests as needed

Our philosophy is to welcome every walk in patient that steps through our doors. For sports physicals, this is no different. Walk in sports physicals are a popular service that we provide because know how difficult it can be to schedule an appointment when you have a busy life. People in sports, whether recreationally, for school or competitively are always training and living a busy life.

Where can I get a sports physical?

If you are ever asking, “where are sports physicals near me,” or “where can I get a sports physical,” all you need to do is browse locations on our Colorado Urgent Care Locations, search an address at the top of the page or view the map on the side of the page. We are always adding new locations across the city to make it even more convenient for you to get medical care and sports physicals.