Smoking Cessation Programs

Have you been smoking and trying to quit – and stay tobacco free? We know it’s not an easy thing to embark on for anyone, which is why we have created our smoking cessation programs at Metro Urgent Care. We want to give you as many resources and support as possible to help you quit smoking and stay tobacco free.

Know that you don’t have to go on your smoking cessation journey alone. Let us at Metro Urgent Care give you the smoking cessation help that will make it easier to quit and the support you need to stay free of smoking.

When it comes to smoking cessation, the first thing you must do is choose to be smoke free, today, and every day. Every time you make that conscious choice and succeed at not smoking is an accomplishment. These accomplishments will add up over time.

Smoking Treatment Options

There are a variety of ways you can quit smoking. From trying to go “cold turkey” to seeking professional help, different forms of treatment will be more effective for some than others. Metro Urgent Care provides smoking cessation programs, which are more likely to help people who are committed to getting off tobacco.

The goal is to change up your lifestyle in small or major ways that make it harder to smoke. The goal is not to use sheer willpower to prevent yourself from smoking. Here are a few tips to help you through the process of quitting smoking and staying free of tobacco.

  • Spend as much time as possible in public areas where smoking is not permitted (e.g., libraries, non-smoking restaurants, churches, etc.). You’ll want to practice this as much as possible during the first few days of your journey through smoking cessation.
  • Avoid alcohol, coffee, and any other kind of drink that you would associate with smoking. This needs to be done for a few months at least to help you disassociate smoking with those beverages. You can try other methods to stay hydrated, such as water, fruit juices, etc. It can also be beneficial to select drinks that do not have calories (or are at least ‘low calorie’).
  • Avoid activities and locations that you link to smoking.
  • When you are craving the feeling of having a cigarette in hand, try holding something else instead: a pencil, a coin, or anything else you can carry around with you.
  • Similarly, if you’re used to the feeling of having a cigarette in your mouth, you can substitute it with gum, lollipops, toothpicks, and more.
  • Keep yourself in good health: eat healthily, drink plenty of water, and get enough sleep. These are all important aspects for a healthy lifestyle, but especially important for helping you get enough energy to stay motivated during tougher moments as you try to stay tobacco free.

Know that you don’t need to be alone when you are going through smoking cessation. Not only can you call family and friends that you can rely on, but you can also find smoking cessation programs to assist with the process of staying tobacco free.

Metro Urgent Care offers the best smoking cessation programs in the area. We are committed to helping you quit smoking and will always be here for you, even if trying to quit gets tough. Contact us today to learn more about our smoking treatment options available to you.

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