Tonsillitis Treatment

Tonsillitis is the inflammation of the tonsils, which are located at the back of the throat. The tonsils are designed to trap germs and prevent them from infecting the airways in your body. The tonsils are also responsible for producing antibodies to fight infections. However, the tonsils can occasionally become infected themselves if they become overwhelmed by viruses or bacteria.

Symptoms of Tonsillitis

The symptoms noted above are all signs of tonsillitis, but here are some others to help you determine if you need treatment. Tonsillitis may present with…


Tonsillitis Treatment

If your pain is impairing your ability to go about your daily life or if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to give Metro Urgent Care a call. With our flexible hours and no-appointment-needed scheduling, we’re here for you whenever you need us.

Recovering from tonsillitis needn’t be an uncomfortable experience, and if you promptly get treatment, you’ll find yourself feeling better within only a few days. Treatment for this infection is individualized to each patient, and often, antibiotics will be prescribed to kill any excessive bacteria and prevent the infection from recurring. Because overuse of antibiotics can cause more severe infections, your provider will perform a quick and easy swab test to determine what treatment will suit you best.

Treatment for Tonsillitis and More

Before or after your visit, remain restful and treat yourself with extra care. Here are some soothing at-home solutions to help you feel better.

Get Adequate Sleep

Restful sleep is paramount to overall health. Sleep allows your body to reset and recover from the damage of the day, better preparing you to fight illness and be your best.

Drink Lots of Water

Dehydration can contribute to the discomfort an itchy, inflamed throat brings; additionally, not staying hydrated means your body isn’t running at top speed. Try to drink one 8 oz cup of water every few hours. You may find it soothing to slowly sip hot water or decaffeinated herbal tea.

Eat Soft Foods

Soft foods, such as yogurt, applesauce, ice cream, and gelatins allow you to eat and nourish yourself while keeping pain at bay. Some studies even show that the natural cultures in yogurt can help to promote good bacteria in your body, better enabling you to fight infections.

Use Lozenges

Lozenges, also known as cough drops or throat drops, can help to soothe the thorny sensation of a sore throat. Be sure to purchase the sugar free variety, as bacteria thrives on sugar and sweets could make your symptoms worse.


You can create a saltwater gargle at home, using a 2:1 ratio of water to sea salt, to soothe pain and prevent further irritation.
Here at Metro Urgent Care, we believe you deserve to feel your best every day. If you’re suffering from throat pain, come in and we’ll be happy to treat you efficiently and with a smile! gent Care Extra is one of the top providers of unplanned medical care in the

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