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When you or your loved one is ill, traditionally you schedule an appointment with your physician or you go to the emergency room. Today, you can visit a nearby Metro Urgent Care where you are seen promptly by the same quality caregivers you would see in the ER or your doctor’s office. And for a much lower cost.

What Does

Urgent Care Treat?

“What does urgent care treat?” is a common questions among families and individuals who have never utilized the numerous benefits that an urgent care facility can provide.

It’s impossible to plan for and predict many of our illnesses or injuries. For many, going to the hospital or visiting their local doctor is the only thing they know. When you start asking, What can you go to urgent care for?” you’ll begin to learn that you can go to urgent care for virtually every medical need you have.

Types of Illnesses

Some of the most common medical requests that we treat include the following, but we are likely able to help you even if you do not see your condition or symptom on this list:

  • 1.

    Abdominal Pain

  • 5.


  • 9.

    Ear Infection

  • 13.

    Sinus Infection

  • 17.


  • 2.


  • 6.


  • 10.


  • 14.

    Sore Throat

  • 18.

    Upper Respiratory

  • 3.


  • 7.


  • 11.


  • 15.

    Strep Throat

  • 4.

    Back Pain

  • 8.


  • 12.


  • 16.


Highly Trained Staff

Even if you do not see your illness listed above, give us a call or stop in anyway. Our staff is highly trained and well-educated and can treat most common illnesses. We’ll help you to diagnose the illness you are currently suffering. If there is ever a time we cannot treat an illness or injury that you are suffering from, we’ll recommend you to a specialist who can. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, so stop in today if you are concerned about any symptoms or illnesses you’re suffering from.

Metro Urgent Care is open all week and during the weekend, making it a perfect go-to for families and individuals that need a reliable medical facility at various times. We provide all of our services to all patients, regardless of if they have scheduled an appointment or just stopped by as a walk-in.

Our team of medical professionals are highly educated, friendly, and respectful, and they can help educate you on your situation while giving you solutions for everyday treatment. We will listen to you and learn more about your situation. We’ll make sure to give you the best chance at making a quick recovery before sending you on your way.

We want you to get back on your feet so that you don’t need to spend as much time worrying about your illness or injury. All of your visits and treatments will be affordable: we work with as many insurance companies as possible to deliver you the cheapest rates possible. We also have very affordable rates for families and individuals that do not have insurance or want to pay with cash.

Are you ready to find a new solution for all of your medical situations? Give us a call or stop in anytime at one of our locations! Our professional team of medical experts will give you the attention and care you deserve. We’ll help you identify your illness, provide you with treatment solutions, and help you with ways to deal with your illness until you can make a full recovery.