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Spring Weight Loss Tips

Spring is almost here, and that means it’s time to kick-start your weight loss plan for 2017. The average American puts on between 5 and 7 pounds of extra weight every winter, and that trend shows no sign of slowing down. A recent study involving women showed that nearly two-thirds of females put on weight during the winter – about 4.5 pounds, on average. The “yo-yo” effect of seasonal weight gain is real.

To counteract this cycle, why not include seasonal weight loss initiatives into your yearly health goals?

The medical experts at Metro Urgent Care recently came up with some spring weight loss tips, and they’ll help anyone bounce back from a winter full of empty calories, mindless snacking and a slowly expanding waistline.
Ready for a seasonal slim-down? Let’s get started!

Weight Loss Tips – Things to Consider Before Starting this Spring

If you want to put some “spring” into your weight loss step, the first thing to do is set a realistic goal. For spring weight loss, you’re talking about a 3-month fitness plan. Excessive weight loss over such a short period time isn’t healthy – and it’s also unsustainable.

Be honest with yourself, and adjust those wild expectations accordingly. A reasonable weight loss regimen sheds about 1-2 pounds per week. Even assuming you lose that much weight for the entire spring, that puts you at about 25 pounds at most.

You should also consider these three factors before beginning your spring weight loss plan:

  • Age and gender. A 32-year old male has different metabolic requirements than a 63-year old female. Before starting to slim down, it’s always best to consult with your local physician.
  • Body weight. Remember, 25 pounds is roughly the most weight anyone can lose on a spring weight loss program. If you’re 285 pounds, that’s certainly acceptable – and desirable! But if you’re 125 pounds and looking to simply trim some extra body fat, 25 represents a 20% reduction in body weight. Keep your starting point (baseline weight) in mind at all times.
  • Overall health. Underlying medical issues like diabetes, arthritis or hypertension (just to name a few) can pose hurdles in any spring weight loss plan. Again, it’s a good idea to get medical clearance from a doctor before starting.

How to Achieve Spring Weight Loss

Here are a few specific things you can start doing today to lose weight this spring:

Try a pantry refresh. During the winter, there’s a good chance you were snacking on processed carbs, sugary treats and other high-calorie foods. Throw away all open bags, and head to the store for sensible replacements like fruit, veggies, low-calorie soups, fresh spices and other nutritious options.

Get those zzzzz’s. Sleep is often considered the hidden factor in weight loss. Without a good night’s rest, the body’s ability to shed unwanted pounds is compromised, due to hormonal imbalances from not enough sleep. To help achieve sound sleep each night, try going to bed at the same time and develop a repeatable routine. Soon enough, these positive habits will take hold!

Engage in low-level aerobic exercise. In other words, get outside and walk. The spring season is a great time to get outdoors and explore – and few exercises benefit your overall health quite like a brisk walk around the block.

Get some expert help. Metro Urgent Care offers proven, professionally guided medical weight loss plans.

Multiple-tier services ensure you’ll get the exact level of service required for your particular goals. From regular vital sign checks to appetite suppressants, our plan has helped many Colorado residents lose body fat and maintain a healthy weight.

These are just a few ways to lose weight this spring. If you’d like to discuss additional options, or want some more information about our medical weight loss programs, stop by your nearest Metro Urgent Care walk-in healthcare clinic today. From day-to-day health maintenance to urgent care, we have you and your family covered. Thanks for stopping by the Metro Urgent Care blog, and best of luck with your spring weight loss efforts!