If you need x-ray tests, a comprehensive blood test list, strep test, EKG or any other kind of medical testing, Metro Urgent Care has you covered! At any of our local and convenient locations, we provide a full list of medical testing to help you with all of your medical and urgent care needs.

Medical Testing

At Metro Urgent Care, you have access to our extensive list of medical testing services. You’ll be treated to friendly staff and certified staff members who can expertly administer any test you need completed. At Metro Urgent Care, we focus on urgent care. This means that you do not need to plan any test weeks in advance like other facilities.

Simply walk-in at any time you need a test completed and we will have your results in no time. We are proud to help you make scheduling less stressful with our walk-in policy.

At Metro Urgent Care, we will take care of any kind of medical testing that you need completed. If for any reason we cannot provide the testing that you need, we will recommend you to another specialist that can take care of you.

Urgent Care with X-Ray

We know how difficult it is to schedule an appointment at a busy hospital when you need a simple x-ray. This is why we provide urgent care x-ray at all of our conveniently located facilities. All you need to do is visit Metro Urgent Care whenever it’s convenient for you and we’ll have an x-ray completed in a timely fashion.

In some cases, you may be visiting for another medical urgency. Your situation may require an x-ray in order to make a proper diagnosis or plan. When you visit Metro Urgent Care, you get to receive urgent treatment and have any x-rays completed on site without the need of visiting another location, only to have to return at a later date.

Urgent Care Blood Test

Any medical blood tests you need completed we can handle at Metro Urgent Care. Getting an urgent care blood test may be difficult at other busy institutions. At Metro Urgent Care, we handle any kind of blood test swiftly and effectively, ensuring that you get in and out with little effort and can receive your results in as quick of a time as possible.


Additional Tests at Metro Urgent Care

If you require any other kind of medical test, stop in today or give us a call. We’ll be happy to help you with any kind of test that we are equipped to handle.

If we cannot provide you the testing you require, we’ll happily recommend you another specialist.

Are you ready to take care of your medical testing needs? We work with all schedules by promoting our walk-in policy. Whenever it’s convenient for you, stop in and request any type of medical test at Metro Urgent Care.

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