Urinalysis Test

A urinalysis test is an important part of life. Whether it’s being done to isolate an issue in your body or is just used for a general checkup, urinalysis tests will play a vital role in determining the health your body is in. Urinalysis tests are used to assess the overall health of your body, to diagnose medical conditions you may be suffering from, or to monitor other medical conditions.

Urinalysis tests are versatile and used for many different purposes. The recommendation to have a urinalysis test done is not always a bad thing, and it can be beneficial to have the test done regularly or during other general checkups.

If you need a urinalysis test completed, we at Metro Urgent Care can provide you with everything you need to complete the test. Give us a call or simply stop in at any time that is convenient for you and request a urinalysis test.

Urinalysis Tests at Urgent Care

A urinalysis is a type of test that analyzes and evaluates a sample of urine. This sample may be used to identify or detect a wide array of diseases, conditions, or disorders, such as urinary tract infection, diabetes, kidney disease, and more.

Most urinalysis tests will examine the concentration, content, and visual appearance of urine. If anything abnormal is detected in any of these examinations, it may point to a medical condition or illness. Various abnormalities may point to different concerns, and your medical professional at Metro Urgent Care will work to determine exactly what is causing the irregular urinalysis results.

Additional tests may be required to make a definitive and accurate decision. Most tests that are required can also be provided at Metro Urgent Care. Once a diagnosis has been made, we can help to provide you with both the knowledge and medical solutions to handle and treat your condition. It’s important to us that you have everything required to make a swift recovery.

Where to Get Urinalysis

If you find yourself in need of a urinalysis test, Metro Urgent Care can help. As a leading provider of urgent care in cities across the metro Denver Area, we have been helping patients identify, diagnose, and treat a wide range of medical conditions. With one of our urgent care centers located in your city, you won’t need to worry about where to get urinalysis tests.

There is little to no preparation required for a urinalysis. Unless you are taking additional tests during your visit, you should not have to fast and therefore can eat and drink as you normally would before the test. However, other medications or supplements can affect the urinalysis, so if you are taking any supplements, vitamins, or medications, let your doctor know and he or she can advise the best course of action.

In any situation, your doctor will let you know what is required before you have a urinalysis test completed. If you are uncertain or have any questions about it, you can always give us a call at Metro Urgent Care and we will be happy to help.

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