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Urgent Care Advantages: Hours, Cost, & Convenience

As Sergeant Wednesday said on Dragnet, “I just want to get the facts.” What we have here are the facts, not opinions or misinformation, rumors or propaganda, but facts about the merits of urgent care over emergency rooms. So, what are these hard and fast facts?

Urgent Care vs. Emergency Room

Not only are immediate care centers (like Metro Urgent Care) spreading around the country, some pundits have suggested that urgent care facilities are an excellent solution to help slow our spiraling health care costs that, despite attempts by Congress, continues to become more and more expensive every year. Urgent care centers, however, offer a much less expensive experience without reducing the quality of the health care. In fact, considering wait times, convenience, and the professional staff that is usually much less stressed than in an ER, places like Metro Urgent Care may actually be improving the health of those who have turned to them for their primary care needs.

Obviously, urgent care facilities are doing something right. But what? Why are a growing number of people turning to urgent care centers over ERs? There are many reasons, but here are the top 5:

Convenient Hours

Many urgent care centers have extended hours, opening early in the mornings and staying open late in the evenings and on weekends. Unless your emergency is in the middle of the night, you or a loved one can receive immediate medical attention at an urgent care center where the ER is synonymous with long wait times. Like Metro Urgent Care, almost all urgent care facilities allow you to just walk right in – no appointments necessary – and be seen in minutes, not the hours typical of an ER.

Nearby Locations

If you need immediate care for non-life-threatening emergencies or a normal illness, there is probably an urgent care center nearer and easier to reach than your nearest hospital with an emergency room. Most of us don’t live next door to a hospital, but if we did, why would we want to pay the much higher rates for an ER than we would at a conveniently located urgent care center? And not all hospitals have a general or public ER. So just because there is a large hospital or medical complex near you, it doesn’t necessarily mean that health care is that close.

It’s Not All About “Urgent” Care

Metro Urgent Care is here for more than just urgent, immediate health needs. Our doctors and medical staff are available for most of your normal medical needs, including devising a maintenance-friendly health plan, providing physicals and blood work, occupational health issues, and we can serve as your primary care physician for most insurance plans. If you are uninsured, we are your most affordable health care option. It really seems to be an easy choice: Metro Urgent Care.

Lower Overall Cost

If you are used to emergency room prices, you must be wonder if “urgent” can also mean “affordable.” Yes, they can. And that is not just us bragging. The FAIR Health Consumer Group says that many typical urgent care costs are less than half the equivalent ER services. Sometimes even more, and that does not count the time saved in an urgent care where you are usually seen inside of fifteen minutes as opposed to up to four hours in some Colorado ERs.

No Insurance? We got you covered.

We have designed our operational matrix and facilities overhead to be as inexpensive as possible. Our administrative and structural costs are a fraction of big hospital complexes.

Insurance companies take a long time to pay and we normally need to cover those costs while waiting, which adds expenses. So we can offer patients without insurance, people with high deductibles, or anyone who prefers cash a very competitive price without changing the quality of care one bit. No insurance coverage should not stop you from coming in. We will take good care of you, and you don’t have to worry about crippling medical bills afterward.

Emergency rooms are not becoming obsolete. We need them for essential for life-threatening emergencies and when there is a disaster involving large groups of seriously injured people. But when it comes to considering cost, speed of treatment, convenience, and relaxed, friendly staff, urgent care facilities have all the right elements to make them your preferred health provider. So while emergency rooms are not going away, they are no longer the prime choice for routine medical issues.

For residents of the Southwest, one immediate care network stands above the rest: Metro Urgent Care. We have many offices and affiliates ready to serve you. There is no doubt that Metro Urgent Care is your best option for attentive, personalized medical care.

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