Urgent Care Clinics In Colorado

When you have a major emergency, like a heart attack or a stroke, making a beeline for the emergency room at a major hospital makes live-saving sense. But when you have a minor emergency – a cut, minor orthopedic emergencies, fever, the ER is probably not where you want to go. Instead, you need to look into a Metro Urgent Care facility where you will be seen faster and for a much lower price. You don’t need an appointment. All you need is a desire to feel better, faster, without the surcharges added by the ER experience.

Metro Urgent Care places your health and comfort at the top of the priority list. Any unexpected non-life-threatening situation can be better handled in the comfortable Metro Urgent Care clinics with the same (or better) attention to typical illnesses or nagging injuries as an ER. That is because Metro Urgent Care does more than just treat emergencies. Our professional staff, coupled with some of Colorado’s highest rated and prestigious healthcare providers, provides standard professional, immediate care for emergencies and on-going treatment for preventative and chronic issues. With scheduled appointments, you just walk in, fill out a few forms, and go see the doctor. In most cases, regularly scheduled healthcare appointments at our fully staffed and state-of-the-art outfitted clinics will put you in front of the doctor faster than an appointment at a traditional primary care physician (PCP) and much faster than an emergency room.

Metro Urgent Care’s family care and specialty clinic physicians can handle any medical need from pre-natal to senior issues, cardiac problems, women’s healthcare, physical therapy, and pain management. No matter if you need immediate attention on a walk-in basis or regular appointments for annual physicals, chronic pain, lingering medial issues, or a dedicated primary care physician, the doctors, nurses, and medical staff at Metro Urgent Care has much more to offer than an emergency room or other urgent care facility.

Discover the Difference at Metro Urgent Care

You already know that Metro Urgent Care will handle your non-life threatening emergency faster than an ER in a convenient walk in clinic with primary care services as well as urgent care. Metro Urgent Care is there for your unplanned emergencies. But we’re are also there for your pediatric, family care, women’s issues, pain management, and any other non-emergency medical need.

We have extended hours, staying open late and on weekends because we know that emergencies don’t fit neatly into an orderly schedule. Metro Urgent Care offers key services, including urgent care (of course), primary care, injuries, illness, and weight loss programs, in the evenings and on weekends. We take the stress out of your routine medical care.

So when you have a little nagging issue, a vexing problem, just come on by after work or on your lunch break; no appointment needed. You will be in and out quicker than at the ER or a tradition primarily care office with locations that are more convenient to you. Our no-appointment needed clinics are budget-friendly, boast onsite x-rays, and are proud of our little to no wait times. Take that sprained ankle, persistent cough, camping rash, or on-going medical issue to Metro Urgent Care and be amazed at how the friendliness of a caring staff of administration specialists, nurses, and doctors can make going to the doctor less of a chore.

You won’t find a more flexible, sensible choice for your urgent medical care and on-going health issues than Metro Urgent Care. Metro Urgent care is the smart choice when it comes to avoiding long wait times, the bureaucracy of hospital regulations, and the high cost of emergency rooms.

Immediate Medical Care – Metro Care Clinics

Metro Urgent Care is your first choice for a non-life-threatening illness or injury, for establishing a long-term healthcare relationship with our qualified PCPs, or special medical needs like weight loss or physical exams for work or sports. Our staff looks forward to meeting you in person. Find the nearest Metro Urgent Care walk-in clinic, or call (928) 555-2154. You can also send an email to [email protected].

Should I go to Metro Urgent Care or to the Emergency Room?

For a complete list of the medical conditions we treat, visit our services tab or call your nearest Metro Urgent Care.

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