Will Urgent Care Treat a Workplace Injury?

When you’re working in an environment where accidents and injuries are prone to happen, it helps to know where you can go for urgent care occupational medical services. Even in environments where it might not be common to receive a workplace injury, it can still help to understand whether or not your company provides an occupational health program and what medical locations are available should you find yourself on the receiving end of a workplace injury.

What Types of Workplace Injuries Services Are Available at Urgent Care Extra?

When you decide to visit Urgent Care Extra, you will get a comprehensive list of services that we can treat for all kinds of workplace injuries and accidents.

  • Injury Evaluation and Management
  • Follow Up Care
  • Lacerations
  • Abscesses
  • Corneal Foreign Body-Eye Exam Set Up
  • Simple- Moderate Foreign Body Removal
  • Nail Avulsions
  • Reduction- Any Joint
  • Intramuscular Trigger Point Injection
  • EKG
  • Nebulizer Treatment
  • Wound Dressing/Repacking
  • Burn Treatment
  • X-Rays
  • And more!

Even if you receive a workplace injury that is not shown as a service above, don’t fret. Give us a call today to learn more about whether or not your medical condition can be covered in our urgent care center or in your occupational health program.

How Do I Know if I Can Visit Urgent Care Extra for a Workplace Injury?

In order for workplace injuries to be covered through occupational medicine and treatment, your company will need to have a contract with Urgent Care Extra for Occmed. This contract will allow you to qualify for occupational care that will allow you to get back to work in no time. If you are uncertain about whether or not a contract has been established, you can ask your supervisors at your company or give us a call to inquire whether or not your company has established an agreement with UCE for Occmed.

Urgent Care Extra Helps Both Employees and Employers

At Urgent Care Extra we understand the importance of keeping your business cost effective and reducing expenses while still being able to provide important services to keep employees healthy. Whether you’re an employer or an employee of a company, rest assured that Urgent Care Extra is here to help you.

If you are an employee, our services are comprehensive enough to cover both minor and major injuries on the workplace. We provide occupational medical services that are effective, efficient and accurate. We are committed to helping you get back to full health so that you can get back to work and not feel like you have fallen behind other co-workers.

If you are an employer or supervisor of a company, we help your company to reduce costs by providing low cost worker injury services as part of our Occupational Health Program. It’s designed to decrease employer costs while offering the most efficient treatment protocols available. We also have a large referral network for injuries that require a specialist, as needed, to ensure that our workers compensation program will meet all of your company’s specific needs.

If you need to resupply urgent care occupational medicine or other durable medical equipment, Urgent Care Extra also provides affordable medical equipment and medication. Check out our list of Durable Medical Equipment & Medications. Give us a call today if you need to order any amount of equipment or medication, or to inquire more about our available supply.

Convenient Urgent Care Locations

Urgent Care Extra has created a large network of urgent care centers all over the state. This means it’s extremely convenient, quick and easy to find an Urgent Care Extra facility to get treatment for a workplace injury. If you or an employee needs urgent care and occupational medicine to help them through an accident at the workplace, there is likely to be a location located conveniently nearby.

Would you like to learn more about workplace injuries, our Occupational Health Program, or to see if your company is currently contracted with UCE for Occmed, give us a call at any time. We will be happy to help you, whether you are an employee or an employer of a company. We want to make it as easy as possible for employees of as many companies as possible to get the medical treatment they need when they face an unexpected workplace injury.

If your company is not currently contracted with Urgent Care Extra, give us a call to learn more about how you can get UCE to be the number one provider and most cost-effective solution for workplace injury treatment and occupational medicine.

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