Workers Comp Program

Since Workers Comp is a necessary part of your business, Metro Urgent Care thinks that you need the best medical partner possible to keep your workers on the job with wellness programs and annual physicals. But when the unexpected occurs, you should expect a top-notch health care program to be available to you that helps your workers return to productive activities and keeps your costs down. Works Comp

Metro Urgent Care works directly with all workers comp insurances, which saves you time and paperwork. Metro Urgent Care’s affordable worker injury services – a vital part of our Occupational Health Program – is designed to provide immediate emergency services for all but the most life threatening emergencies and a rehabilitation program designed to return your employees back to productive work.

After all, the cost of an injury is not just the medical issues; it is the time a worker stays away from the job or a lesser qualified temp is added to the payroll that can add unanticipated expenses that can have a major payroll impact. Metro Urgent Care’s program decreases employer costs and helps the worker recover faster and to full function whenever possible.

When a disaster strikes – be it a fall, cut, crushed finger, or sudden illness – we provide efficient, accurate, and approved treatment protocols. Our walk-in policy means your employee and anyone accompanying them are not left sitting for hours in the ER. Indeed, we are dedicated to rapid service combined with careful, attentive evaluation of all medical conditions.

Our onsite labs have a much faster turn-around than independent or hospital labs and we have onsite x-ray equipment, so your employee is not bouncing around from one office to another while they are suffering – and wasting time. We even have most common medications available to speed them back to work or back home where they can recover, so you are not paying for someone to sit around a pharmacy.

Our staff is trained to deal with emergencies across a broad spectrum of issues and we have additional staff who are experts in follow-up treatment and recover procedures. Additional, Metro Urgent Care partners with cost-effective specialist services and can see that your employee receives the right help at the right time for the right cost, even if that minor emergency turns out to be something more.

Work Injury Services

Some of the issues we see on a regular basis are listed below. You can be sure that we have all the proper medical appliances on hand along with the proper medications. Remember, your employees are not just hurt, they are embarrassed and this often translates into anger. We help sooth that anger by making the situation as easy for them as possible because, ultimately, a good experience with us will help them feel better toward you and that makes a happy partnership for us all.

  • Injury Evaluation and Management
  • Follow Up Care
  • Lacerations
  • Abscesses
  • Corneal Foreign Body-Eye Exam Set Up
  • Simple- Moderate Foreign Body Removal
  • Nail Avulsions
  • Reduction- Any Joint
  • Intramuscular Trigger Point Injection
  • EKG
  • Nebulizer Treatment
  • Wound Dressing/Repacking
  • Burn Treatment
  • X-Rays





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